NHL Burning Questions: Boston Bruins

Welcome to the latest THN.com profile detailing the NHL-team-by-team for the big questions ahead of the start of the upcoming regular season. For today, we look at three important questions for the Boston Bruins:

Three burning questions for the Bruins in 2022-23:

1. How will Boston play before its injured key players return to the field? Very few NHL teams can lose their first-line wing and top defense before the season begins, and still be able to stay in the race for an accessory berth. But that’s the challenge for the Bruins, who won’t have star striker Brad Marchand and #1 seed Charlie McAvoy until December. (They will also start the season without veteran D-man Matt Grzelcyk.) This will put enormous pressure on the rest of the Boston line-up, and in the Atlantic division that has dramatically improved teams in Ottawa and Detroit, these absences could put the Bruins in a big hole that they could face problems in. get out of it.