No 4 Clemson beats slow start, beats Ga Tech 41-10

ATLANTA (AP) – After taking much of the blame for a disappointing season by Clemson standards, DJ Uiagallei needed good things to happen in the season opener.

With one dervishe of the play, the quarterback showed why the Tigers still have so much faith in him.

Uiagalelei threw for one and went down to the other, overcoming the sluggish start to the season opener as No. 4 seed Clemson withdrew to score a 41-10 win over Georgia Tech on Monday night.

Perhaps the biggest game of the game came in the third quarter, when Uiagalelei cornered two Georgia Tech defenders and appeared to be heading towards the sack in third and fourth.

But he turned around and managed to stay upright long enough to flip sideways to Shipley, who landed 10 yards to keep Clemson’s attack on the field.

“I was trying to get out of the pocket, trying to buy some time to get the ball out,” said Oyagalele. “As I was going to the floor, I looked to my left and saw Shipley there. I just pitched him to him. He did a great run.”