Otani, the Angels win 2-1, and bring down the Mariners in the wild card standings

ANAHEIM, California (AP) – Shohei Ohtani made seven runs without goals, led in one and scored another as the Los Angeles Angels beat Seattle 2-1 on Saturday night, dropping the Sailors in the wild cards standings.

The Mariners entered their four-game series tie for first place in the AL wild-card chase, but are now two-and-a-half games behind Toronto at the back of Tampa Bay. Seattle is last, five games ahead of Baltimore.

The Angels’ second straight victory against the Mariners came on the back of their two-way MVP nominee as Ohtani made it to the base twice at three bats, leading in his 89th career and reducing the ERA to 2.43 in 148 total runs.

“I don’t like to criticize myself in any way,” Otani said through an interpreter, as he is in the midst of an MVP chase with Aaron Judge in New York. “One thing I can say is, in general, in terms of balance, I have a better season this year than I had last year.”

A day after both teams joined forces to hit seven home runs, Mariners and Otani champion George Kirby didn’t allow a long pass. Seattle’s Taylor Trammell scored a home run in the eighth from Jaime Barria, his fourth game.

Ohtani gave the Angels a 1-0 lead in the first half, when he followed Mike Trout’s song with a double from the left field wall. Trout scored when the rebound eluded Mariners left player Jesse Winker.