Penguins talk about trade, E-Rod has ‘a lot of interest’

We are only a week away from rookie camp at the Pittsburgh Penguins and not far from boot camp. Dave Molinari threw a bombshell that Jason Zucker was part of business discussions with a rival Metro squad, and Dave explained why the penguins trade had collapsed. The Montreal Canadiens offered to sign Kirby Dach, but then admitted they were working in the NHL commercial for a salary transfer. Elliot Friedman reported a keen interest in Evan Rodriguez and appointed a new suitor who could sign him to turn him over at the trade deadline.

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Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Here’s the little bomb. Penguins had an offer for Jason Zucker in the NHL trade market but turned down. It was the Metro Division team, too. Here’s the full story about Pittsburgh penguins trade drop.

The Penguins will play 15 leading league games on national television. Either the league has given up on the Hulu disaster or it will be announced later. For now, here’s a file Penguins TV schedule.

Steelers now: Who should retire the next jersey? Steelers news.

Much has been said about the “miswriting” that made Mason Rudolph not. 2 QB. then these NFL trade rumors convoluted.

Homistek dropped the best pole I’ve seen in a while. So, what happens if Mitch Trubesky plays… well? Steelers QB A question.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: It was bad. It was so bad in PNC Park. The Mets swept the two-headed pirate. Johan Oviedo walked five of the 11 hitters. Pirates have been eliminated. burst. This (expletive omitted) is embarrassing to us and should be for Pittsburgh Pirates.

NHL Trade Talk, news and national hockey right now:

Philly Hockey Now: Were the Pilots the Ones Who Tried to Take Over Jason Zucker? Can you imagine penguins? flyer trade?

Montreal Hockey Now: Cue NHL Trade Rumors. Kirby Dash is signed. Montreal is $10 million over the cap. Even after Carey Price moved to LTIR, Montreal only had a few hundred thousand cover space left. At the press conference, General Motors Kent Hughes acknowledged Montreal Canadiens They speak character.

Sportsnet Podcast 32 Thoughts: Elliot Friedman has the scoop on Evan Rodriguez and its options.

Tim Stutzel gets paid. 20-year-old Kiddo signed into the Senate an eight-year deal worth $66.8 million. It seems too early to pay this money to a child, But they did.

Boston Hockey Now: Craig Smith has also been a target of NHL trade talks, but he still Boston Bruin … till when?

Hockey in Washington Now: Hendrix Lapierre hit the gym this summer, but the prospect may have hit her hard. Capitals told Lapierre to calm his nerves. Washington Capitals horizons.