Possible landing points rankings for Jacob Degrom amid Mets withdrawal rumors | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

Stephen Maturin / Getty Images

10. San Francisco Giants

Current record: 65-68, third in NL West

2023 luxury tax provisions: $99.2 million

The Giants are more than $130 million south of the $233 million luxury tax threshold for 2023, with Carlos Rodon and third-party entrepreneur Evan Longoria in the mix. The former is more likely to practice opting out, according to Hey manwhile the latter’s $13 million option may be rejected by the giants.

But while all of this suggests there is plenty of financial space for DeGrom, the Giants’ perilous schedule looms as a potential deal-breaker. It would be better for them to do long-range maneuvers, including a Huge deal With Linden, CA, Aaron Judge.

9. Boston Red Sox

Current record: 67-69 fifth in the East

2023 luxury tax provisions: 128.9 million dollars

Red Sox has a long list of Free agents suspendedXander Bogaerts is likely to join her by opting out of his contract. as such Ken Rosenthal From The Athletic, the pressure will be on Boston to make good use of their upcoming resiliency.

However, like the Giants, the Red Sox is also in limbo with the rivalry window. This could be a turn off for DeGrom even if Boston turns it on, despite the club respectable farm system Maybe you can influence him to take a chance.

8. Houston Astros

Current record: 87-48, first in AL West

2023 luxury tax provisions: $85.9 million

Speaking of aces adorned with withdrawal terms, that looks as if Justin Verlander is monitoring the practice of opting out when he crossed the 130-run threshold in August, Rosenthal reports. If he did, the Astros would have the #1 slot for beginners in their spin.

Obviously, DeGrom would fit in well with such an opening, and the Astros certainly need no introduction as a world championship contender. However, it’s hard to shake off the notion that even if Verlander pulls out, he’ll immediately end up in Houston on a new deal anyway.

7. Atlanta

Current record: 84-51, second in eastern NL

2023 luxury tax provisions: $152.9 million

Back in early July, there was some fanfare when ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted about the possibility of Atlanta being the favorite for DeGrum if he followed his intentions to withdraw:

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

There is a perception in some corners of the industry that if Jacob Degrom follows up on what he said in the spring and is picked from the Mets decade, the Braves will be the favorites to land him.

There was room for doubt even then, however, and even more so now that Atlanta committed $284 million to third baseman Austin Riley and rookie quarterback Michael Harris II. Meanwhile, young starters Max Fried, Kyle Wright, Spencer Strider, Mike Soroka and Ian Anderson are also in control of the team for 2024 and beyond.

6. Philadelphia Phillies

Current record: 73-61, third in the NL East

2023 luxury tax provisions: $130.4 million

Although Phillies 5th place of the highest welfare tax provisions of 2023, which still puts them more than $100 million under the threshold next year. In addition, they can get an additional $ 17 million by refusing the option of the second commander Jean Segura.

If the Phillies were to channel that flexibility into a race at Degroom, the idea would be to arrange his superhero trio, Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola while stealing the Mets at the same time. However, this might be more of a fun idea, as it’s hard to imagine the Mets letting DeGrum break away from Atlanta, the Phillies, or any other Eastern National League competitor.