Possible PTO goals for the Devils for the 2022-23 NHL season

When the Devils hit the ice at the start of training camp in a couple of weeks or so, they will do so with a number of players on both pitches. straight ahead And the defense Positions looking to make their presence known and win a place on the NHL roster or at least make a lasting impression on the front office and coaching staff of the NHL. But while expectations are that at least one of these people will turn up enough to earn a spot on the list, it never hurts to have a contingency plan. This is where Professional Tests (PTOs) become a useful option for Fitzgerald and co. For those unaware, the player can be invited to the bootcamp on the PTO agreement, and at any time they can be dispensed with, there is no need to take possession. And while it’s a risky proposition for a player who agrees to a PTO, seeing as if they’ve had a major injury in camp or in a pre-season game, is SOL, this is a last resort, so many players will take this opportunity if they’re a dead set on the Playing in the NHL.

While most players who agree to a PTO don’t have any other options, that doesn’t mean the team will just throw a bunch of trials to whoever comes along. In general, the team tends to target one or two players who really think they have a chance to make the roster, even if it’s an extra skater most nights. Currently, there are still a handful of players who could potentially help the still unsigned NHL team. A few of them, such as Evan Rodriguez, who according to Elliot Friedman in the latest broadcast of 32 Thoughts has interest from a number of teams, is likely to sign a contract before the start of camp, but nevertheless, there are a number of interesting options still on the market. Let’s take a look at a few players whose Demons are likely to make late additions to their camp roster.

Note that I will rely heavily on information from Friendly Cap for this list. If something is not attached it is from there.

Sony Milano

I’m surprised Milan is still on the market. He seems to have good chemistry with Trevor Zegras at Anaheim, and it’s not like the ducks don’t have room to sign him. However, here we are on September 7th and Milan has no home. Milan, was the 16th overall pick by Columbus in 2014, and while he clearly has the skill, last year was the closest thing to a breakout season. The 26-year-old winger finished the year with 14 goals and 34 points in 66 games. The Milan player card from last season indicates that not only was he on the surface, he had a really strong impact both on 5 on 5 and on solid play.

Since we know he can contribute if given the right teammates, someone any team looking to add more talent should take a closer look at.

Victor Rusk

He put your head in a tough spot in Minnesota a few years ago after he was Traded for Nino Niederreiter He was asked to play a role that was clearly beyond his capabilities. But when given a limited role, he is able to excel. Rask is a bottom 6 position so it doesn’t really fit in much of a need for the Devils at the moment since they already have 5 positions on the team (including Boqvist). However, if the Devils decide to move Boqvist to the winger this season, it could be a nice upgrade over McLeod.

As you can see from his player card, Rask is a very strong defensive player on the same strength. He is able to driving play He was above 50% CF% throughout his tenure with Minnesota and a short stint with the Kraken. He can deliver a modicum of attacking (he finished the season with 21 points in 47 games last season), but that’s not something I’m counting on for him.

Daniel Jump

Continuing the list of strikers, he is followed in the list by the right player RW Daniel Sprong, 25 years old. Sprung split last season between Washington and Seattle, Join Kraken on Trade Deadline Opposite to ex-devil Marcus Johansson. Sprong is a one-dimensional player and that dimension is disc shooting. Last season, he finished the year with 14 goals and 20 points in 63 games, which doesn’t sound impressive until you realize he was actually biting a rattlesnake. He fired 153 shots on target last year and scored only 9.2% of them. This was all done with an average of just 13 minutes of TOI per game. Sprong won’t lead the game for you, but at least he won’t be a black hole in this department and he’s 50.4% CF% for his career. If the fiends want a shooter and insurance in case Holtz or Zetterlund aren’t ready during camp, Sprong is a solid option that’s still in the free agency junk heap.

Zack Aston Race

The last attacker I want to address as a potential PTO option is Zach Aston-Reese. Like Sprong, Aston-Reese is one dimensional forward, but dimensionally far at the other end of the ring. In fact, as you can see below, he offers minimal offensive value but is an excellent defensive player and is capable of killing penalty kicks. It’s the definition of a low-action hockey player in that pretty much nothing happens when he’s on the ice. The 28-year-old split last season between Pittsburgh and Anaheim and was good at scoring 15 points in 69 games. He’s a perfect player, and if Lindy Raff and his teammates wanted another striker, he’d be a great player to take a longer look at.

Calvin de Han

There is not much in terms of good defenders. You can forget about anyone playing on the right side because of the power of demons there. Of the 14 names from UFA friendly name lists, most of the players available are either towards the end of their career, bad, or both. However, left-stroke defender Calvin de Haan is a good choice. He spent the last three seasons in Chicago after starting his career with the Islanders. De Haan has been a solid man in the second duo throughout his career, but has slowed down a bit due to a combination of injuries and age. However, he was playing under 19 minutes last season, and while he won’t be running a solid game anytime soon, he managed to put decent key numbers on the defensive train wreck that the Blackhawks were last season. If the demons were interested in De Haan, it would be good insurance in case no one else could snatch the third pairing spot on the left side.

I don’t see much interest in the Devils in adding anyone on the PTO to camp this year due to a large number of marginal players in both the forward and defensive positions. However, if they are going to add someone, I think the above options are the best out there. Do you think the demons will sign anyone to a PTO? If so, do you agree with the options I have listed here? Or is there someone you think I missed adding to this list? Please leave your comments below and thanks for reading.