Rangers trade scenarios Nils Lundqvist: Montreal, Detroit

So Sweden defender Nils Lundqvist joined seventh-placed Lias Andersson in 2017 as another European player who didn’t make it for Rangers.

But fortunately for the Rangers Lundkvist’s Last Commercial Order You will not flip plans for this next season. The right-footed footballer was already falling behind in Rangers’ defensive depth scheme after 25 disappointing games on the right side of the third pair, primarily alongside fellow countryman Patrick Nemeth, last season.

The spot was quickly grabbed by Braden Schneider, who came in and established himself as a physical and reliable presence at the back end despite being a 20-year-old rookie. Sneijder will have a crack at his first 82-game schedule this season, presumably to complete where he left off as the top three approach Rangers’ hand.

But back to Lundkvist. He’s 5 feet 10 and weighs 187 pounds, with an overemphasis on skill in his game, and he didn’t fit the look or style of the Rangers’ defensive weapon. These traits did not translate well during nearly three months in the NHL. That doesn’t mean he won’t translate for another team, however, as he continues to develop and adapt to the North American game.

Braden Schneider has played well in his limited time with Rangers as a rookie and is likely to be in New York for a full 82 games this season.

Part of the mutual decision to part ways stems from Lundkvist’s desire for a chance in the top four and on the power game, which the 22-year-old quickly realized wouldn’t be possible in New York with players ahead of him like in 2021, the Norris Award winner Adam Fox and Jacob Troupa, who was Recently appointed captain.

To be fair, it’s not a finished product, and there are teams that should be concerned with the offensive-minded Lundkvist which is still in development. Here’s a look at two potential business partners for the Rangers:


The right-hand side of the Canadians isn’t particularly crammed with David Savard at the top followed by border investigator Justin Barron and veteran Chris Weidman. Lundkvist could certainly challenge a role there.

Larry Brooks of The Post reports that Rangers are aiming for a more or less equal return for Lundkvist. Given the current situation of Rangers, the club is likely to target a potential player or young player with a cheaper entry contract.

The Canadians could introduce left-back Jordan Harris, who has 10 NHL games to his name and could add to the talent pool on the left side. Everyone knows the Rangers lack center depth, so 20-year-old Jean Messack might be the most tempting option in the Montreal pipeline.

New York Rangers defender Nils Lundqvist (centre) looks to take control of the disc in the air as San Jose Sharks defender Jacob Middleton (right) tracks him down in the first period at Madison Square Garden, December 3, 2021.
Nils Lundqvist’s reliance on skill more than physical fitness didn’t fit what the Rangers wanted in defense, but at just 22 years old, he could have plenty of interested suitors in the commercial market.
Jason Szens for the New York Fund


Lundkvist will also fulfill a need for Red Wings. Behind Moritz Ceder, who won the Calder Memorial Award as Rookie of the Year last season, Detroit’s right-hand side isn’t as strong. There’s Philip Hronick, Gustav Lindstrom and Mark Pesek, who will be out 4 to 6 months to recover from an Achilles tendon rupture. The red wings are very small on the right side, and a Lundqvist would fit right in.

As for the Rangers defense, there is a mission available on the left side. Zach Jones, Matthew Robertson and Libor Hayek entered a training camp as the top contenders for the spot. Jones is a similar type of Lundkvist player, but the UMass producer showed more spark in his game. Robertson would be the big bodily and physical choice, and Hayek is an NHL pro even if he played just 17 games last season in a deep role.

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I’m curious to know how Alexis Lafreniere / Kaapo Kakko / Vitali Kravtsov is used. Will coach Gerard Gallant really give them a chance or will we see Sammy Blais and Dryden Hunt in the top six?
– Keith Chenchard

Kiefer Bellos #20 New Yorkers skate against Vitaly Kravtsov #74 of the New York Rangers during the third period of a pre-season game at Madison Square Garden on September 26, 2021 in New York City.  The Islanders beat the Rangers 4-0.
Despite his feuds with Rangers last season, Vitaly Kravtsov’s affordable hat-trick will likely push the team to give him plenty of chances to prove he can survive.
Getty Images

I’m also curious, Keith. The hope is that Lafreniere and Kakko can establish themselves as the top six sooner rather than later, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their time is now. Lafreniere struggled to secure the spot last season, and Kakko got a scratch in the final, so it’s up to them to seize the opportunity this time around. Kravtsov should take a long look and be given every opportunity to create an opening night roster, especially as he hits the $875,000 ceiling. Trials with Blais and Hunt in the top six could continue this season. Gallant liked Hunt, who gave the top six a different look, which should have changed somewhat with the addition of Vincent Trochek.

Is this team different enough from last year for a deeper run?
Stephen Ovadia

While the group of individuals may not be that different, the Rangers have garnered some invaluable experience from their run to the Eastern Conference final. The common belief was that their inexperience would be a hindrance, but instead seemed to have a motivating effect as they progressed through their first season as a team. I think this run will be something the team will refer to during the regular season and especially if they go back to the playoffs. Acquisitions on last season’s deadlines made a huge difference, so I expect similar steps will be taken before this season’s deadline to bolster the team heading into the playoffs. whether that Splash the size of Patrick Kane Or add an under-the-radar – and underrated – player like Tyler Motte as yet to be seen.

With the Rangers contracting fourth-professional Jimmy Vesey for depth, could they not have signed Tyler Mott instead, or would Mott’s death have been too pricey? Why spend $750,000 on Ryan Carpenter when we could have used the money to re-sign Motte?
Tim Maher, Scott Benyon

New York Rangers (64) player Tyler Mott celebrates his goal-less goal against the Carolina Hurricanes during the third period in Game Three of the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs at Madison Square Garden.
In his search for a deal similar to the $2.45 million deal he just got, Tyler Mott has become a luxury the Rangers can’t afford.
USA Today Sports

I think if their financial interests align, Moti could be a guard again, but the high-energy Fourth Lines are clearly seeking compensation that has him out of New York. Teams keep getting their ducks in the cover space in a row, and when that happens, they’ll expect death. Motte is exiting a two-year contract worth $2.45 million, which is probably similar to what he’s looking for right now. The Rangers are simply not in a position to pay that much for a fourth line.