Scout names Yankees prospects for MLB debut streak in 2023, including Anthony Volpi, 3 others

New York – Have you seen the Triple-A lineup it has? Yankees‘Used (and won) the first game of Wednesday’s double-double campaign for the Minnesota Twins? A bunch of injuries forced the manager Aaron Bon his hand, but he started with five players who spent most of the season with Scranton / Wilkes Barre – Ronald Guzman at first base, Oswald Peraza in shortstop, Oswaldo Cabrera In the right field, Miguel Andujar in the left field and Estefan Floreal in the middle

You’ll often see September lineups like this when two out-of-competition teams meet, but not for the top-ranked ballpark who’ve been holding back for weeks mostly because the hits were so bad.

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What all these injuries have done is give the Yankees a chance to get a first look at two of Cabrera’s top potential players, who debuted on August 17 and has been playing regularly across the field, and Perazza, a defensive player. In short, the right-hand man who received his first call-up last week. Both scored big in the double, with Cabrera notching a home-and-away win in the twelfth game of the first game and Peraza notching their first four strikes in the league, three of them in the opener.

Three others have made their debut this season, including two underdogs currently in the Yankees table, outstanding rookie Ron Marinaccio and Greg Wesert, as well as the left. JB Searswho did well during his calls before being traded to Auckland on August 1 Frankie Montas Deal.

Who’s on the horizon to get their feet wet next season?

NJ Advance Media posed this question to a Major League scout who has the Yankees as one of his teams to follow and has spent a week this season exploring all four minor league clubs for the full season.

In his view, the Yankees ranch system “has been a hit this summer” trading the two best promotion opportunities. right hand Hayden Wisinski He got his first call this week and had a good debut with the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, working five rounds with eight strokes in the win over the Cincinnati Reds. Last week, Auckland called up the left worker Ken Waldichukwho was also impressive when he allowed one to run for more than 4 and 2/3 of the innings Washington faced on his September 1 debut.

“The Yankees got rid of a couple of freshmen willing to help them sometime next year,” the scouts said. “This is where Waldichuk and Wisinski would have played.”

Who will come across the Yankees system that might be ready to take on some roles next season? Who in the next wave, the next Marinaccio and Weissert, sleeper arms contributing to the majors after never been a high-profile candidate?

“When you look for the beating depth in the Yankees Ranch System, I don’t see it at the higher levels,” the scout said before correcting himself. “Well, there is a man that I love very much.”

Scouting high in Double-A righty Clayton Peterrecently acquired from Dodgers in Joey Gallo trade. But the scout believes Peter may be helping the Yankees’ big club next season as a savior, not at first.

The scout has identified another bowler and two distinguished Yankees players as the most likely farm workers in the organization who will debut in 2023.

Here are his options with the updated Scout Reports on the four:

Clayton Peter, RHP

club: Somerset Patriots (AA).

age: 23 (24 October 2022).

Size: 6-2, 220.

acquired: Acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers for Joey Gallo on August 2, 2022.

2022 stats: Tulsa (AA) and Somerset (AA), 0-3, 4.63 ERA, 23 games, 21 starts, 68 IP, 55 hits, 39 hits, 35 ER, 11 HR, 41 BB, 117 K.

meaty: Since changing organizations, Beeter has a 1.10 ERA in five starts for Somerset with 29 strikes and six walks in 16.1 innings. He descended to 5.75 afternoons in 18 outings, 16 starts, with Double-A Tulsa. …has 18 strikes and two runs in nine rounds over his last two matches with five hits and two runs allowed.

Scouts take: “Peter is the only arm the Yankees have that might be able to show up sometime next year and do something. He’s a mid-90s guy with a curveball and a slider. The Yankees still use him as a starter, but he’s a neglected guy to me because he doesn’t have a change.” He’s definitely a guy to follow next season although at some point he might be out of the Yankees game, and thanks to the fast ball and broken stuff, he can help them.”

* * *

Johnny Britto, RHP

club: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (AAA).

age: 24 (25 February 17, 2023).

Size: 6-2, 160.

acquired: Signed as a freelance amateur worker outside the Dominican Republic on November 9, 2015.

Yankees probability ranking: No. 16, MLB Pipeline.

2022 stats: Somerset (AA) and SWB (AAA), 11-4, 2.89 ERA, 21 games, 20 starts, 106 IP, 89 hits, 37 runs, 34 ER, 7 HR, 35 BB, 85K.

meaty: Brito is 6-2 with 2.23 in 13 games since his July 1 promotion to Triple-A. … has been on the list of injured since August 17 with an undisclosed injury. … he allowed three runs in one round in his last round on August 16.

Scouts take: “Prieto was good the day I saw him. His stuff is good. He throws 92-96 with an over-change that will neutralize left-handed hitters. He has a curveball and a cutter that will be a midfield. I’ll keep starting it until they need to find guys, then move him Into the action He’s scored some roles in Triple-A this year Give him a chance to be a four- or five-man big-league starter in a year or two He could be a guy who gets a phone call next year for an instant kickoff or he’s your average loyalist To fill in a spot when they have some injuries.”

* * *

Anthony VolpeSS

club: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (AAA).

age: 21 (22 on April 28, 2023).

Size: 5-11, 180.

acquired: Draft 2019, first round of Delbarton School (Morristown, NJ).

Yankees probability ranking: No. 1, MLB pipeline.

bats: the correct.

2022 stats: Somerset (AA) and SWB (AAA), average 260, 442 AB, 75 runs, 115 hits, 33 doubles, 4 triples, 18 HR, 62 RBI, 60 BB, 92K, 46 SB, 6 CS, . 831 OPS, 115 games.

2022 stats: Somerset (AA), 11 fouls, .973% in 111 games (110 starts) at shortstop.

meaty: It was Volpi hot red In the board since his promotion to Triple-A on Sept. In his first five matches with Scranton, he hit 0.450 with nine strokes on 20 rackets. … Volpi reached third place after just 253 minor league games in three seasons.

Scouts take: “I think Volpi could be ready for the big league late next season, but not all year. They will have some growing pains with Volpi because he can be overly aggressive in the plate early on the charges. When the bowlers see that, they will throw things out area to try to go ahead and then push him to the chase. I’ll start him on Triple-A next year. I’ll also move Volpe to second base. I just don’t see enough arm for Volpe to play every day on a short pit stop, especially when he has to go deep into a hole. But he will hit And he’s going to hit for some power. I was watching him. When I saw him early this year he was swinging the first pitches and getting himself out. Then one day he made adjustments and he was 4 for 5. He wasn’t trying to lift the balls. He was going down between the balls and spinning in the back , and hit some balls in the gaps. Give Volpi credit: He made adjustments in Double-A and has been consistently tough for two months to earn the late season jump to Triple-A. Give him credit for his good performances in his first few games with Scranton. This kid will be a player big well in two years and may help team Yank ees by the end of next year. But, again, I don’t see enough arm to keep him a short distance away.”

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* * *

Austin Wells, C

club: Somerset Patriots.

age: 23 (24 July 12, 2023).

Size: 6-2, 220.

acquired: Draft 2020, first round of the University of Arizona.

Yankees odds ranking: No. 4, MLB pipeline.

bats: the left.

2022 stats: Tampa (low A), Hudson Valley (high A) and Somerset (AA), average .285, 302 AB, 55 innings, 86 hits, 15 doubles, 1 triple, 18h, 58 RBI, 50 BB, 80k , 12 SB, 0 CS, .913 OPS, 83 games.

2022 stats: 4 fouls, 4 passes, 31 of 112 thefts caught in 58 games (57 starts) at the catcher.

meaty: He has 28 job robberies and no arrest robberies. … was promoted to Double-A on July 5 … scoring .271 with 10 game owners, 23 RBI and .855 OPS in 46 games with Somerset.

Scouts take: “Wales may be ready to hit the big league pitches by next season, but I don’t think he’ll be able to catch up with the Yankees’ staff by then, at least not as the No. 2 class. I don’t think you can go into next year thinking he’s going to replace Kyle Higashioka. And if you bring him in just to hit, say, fill in DH, that puts pressure on the bat playing A ball games this year. I love his racquet. That’s the main part of his game. Could Wales be a consistent hitter next year against the big league pitches? I don’t think so, but it might happen because he’s a left-handed bat with power. He might be a 30-year-old at some point, but he still has problems smashing things away, and that’s up against the small patrol shooters. When he’s late in counting, he tends Wells to the chase, as many young hitters do. He thinks pitches are hits not strikes because Double-A players don’t study bowlers enough to know to lay off those things. That’s why he needs more small hitters because at the big league level there is a lot of information there. will give Some analytical people put a piece of paper for the coach and he will say, “Austin Wells, when he gets ahead of the count, make him fish and walk away.” But I like Wells so much, but I put him in Triple-A next year, have him hit more hits and refine the catch. And in spring practice, have him pick up as many bulls from the big guys as possible so he can learn to shoot and look at the different courses. He’s never going to be a great hunter, but refine it to where you can say, “This guy is better than Gary Sanchez.” If you can get that, he can catch up with the major leagues. Due to the lack of a good catching, I wrote it to be average. This guy is working on it.

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