Stats that will amaze you about the 2022 MLB season | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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    Whatever you think Aaron Judge is hot, he’s actually even hotter than that. (Jim McKissack/Getty Images)

    It will be hard to say goodbye to the 2022 MLB regular season when it ends on October 2. It’s been a wild season.

    As for the How It was brutal, let’s put some numbers on it.

    You have 10 stats* from the 2022 season – the asterisk is there because there are 10 slides but a lot more than 10 individual stats – that will blow your mind.

    This next part is where we usually explain the rules and criteria for how to put a particular list together, but not this time. This was as simple as looking for a statistical anomaly that made us go, “Wow.”

    Now then, let’s get literally off to a quick start.

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    AP Photo / Andy Clayton King

    At one point or more during the 2022 season, you may have found yourself wondering, “Is it just me, or is everyone else shooting 100mph now?”

    The answer, more or less, is yes. Although the average Fast Bowl is only going up 0.1 mph As of 2021, the frequency of fast balls in Three-digit territory Hop into the previously unknown stratosphere:

    Graph via Google Sheets

    Although Jhoan Duran’s 100-mph Minnesota Twins right-hand heaters lead the way, that’s also just 12.6 percent of the entire stack. what a total 61 jugs I touched 100 mph at least once, and half of them (30, to be exact) were doing it at least 10 times.

    This means that things have come a long way from 2008, when Joel Zumaya was in charge. 29.9 percent One of the 100 mph fastballs that year.

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    Sarah Steer/Getty Images

    Now that we’ve mentioned 100 mph fastballs, we’re obligated by law to reconsider this 103 mph geyser that was closer to the New York Mets that Edwin Diaz used to knock out Gavin Lux last week:

    MLB @MLB

    103!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    That was one of the high career 93 speedballs at at least 100mph threw Diaz in 2022, and all that heat—not to mention destroyer sliderPush his dominance to new heights.

    The right-hander has already hit 100-plus strokes this season, with that powerful whiff of Lux marking the 101st. That’s just over 53.1 runs, so he’s averaging less than twice a hair in the first half.

    Because Aroldis Chapman Put 1.96 hits per half in 2014, Diaz is not so far In a standard area. It’s however where a group of beginners might specifically wish to be 26 Which doesn’t even have 100 hits even after throwing more than 100 rounds.

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    Eric Espada / Getty Images

    The Miami Marlins have a reach Ace out of time Above their turn at the beginning in the person of Sandy Alcántara, who works fast, casts hard and works deeper into games than anyone else.

    He leads the bigs with 196.2 runs, and he’s had a lot of those in bulk through four full games. As noted by ESPN Stats & Info, nothing else Team She has this many in 2022:

    ESPN Statistics and Information @ESPNStatsInfo

    Sandy Alcantara has 4 full games this season.

    That’s more than any other team in the league.

    But what’s really remarkable is that four full games is somewhat less than the number for Alcántara. He also went for nine rounds on June 8, although he didn’t get credit for a full match because the competition between the Marlins and Washington Nationals went to extras.

    Finally, the right-handed faced 21 hitters in the ninth inning. This is more than the following starting shooters the list (Aaron Nola with 10 and Adam Wainwright with seven) together, and fourth most From any beginning in the last decade.

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    AP Photo / David J. Phillip

    Justin Verlander was still going strong when he won Cy Young for the second time after his 36-year season in 2019, but then Tommy John surgery It cost him basically all of 2020 and 2021.

    Of all the things he could have done on his comeback this season, it’s doubtful anyone expected him to steal the 1.84 ERA until 24 starts before the Houston Astros put him on the injury list with leg strain On August 30th.

    As it is, this Rank here Among the lowest rates ever for shooters 39 and older:

    1. Si Young, 1908: 1.26
    2. Justin Verlander, 2022: 1.84
    3. Roger Clemens, 2005: 1.87

    So, between the literal name of the Cy Young Award and someone who won seven of them. And while Verlander’s 152 innings don’t really compare to Clemens’ 211.1 in 2005 or particularly with Young’s 299 in 2008, it’s more than double the number of innings given by Clemens in 2005. Previous height Naji from Tommy John is 37 years old or older in his comeback season.

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    Mitchell Leaf/Getty Images

    Switching gears on the center player side of things, here’s video proof that running against the Philadelphia Phillies Catcher JT Realmuto is still a bad idea:

    Philadelphia Phyllis @Phyllis

    This is our mask 🥹

    And now for the statistical evidence to go along with that: Realmuto has caught 27 runners trying to steal, which is what MLB . lead.

    Ah, but can Realmuto, the catcher, get rid of Realmuto, the primary player? This is something no one has yet been able to do. He’s 17 to 17 in loot base attempts, making him the only one Guaranteed thief Among those who have had at least 15 steals this season.

    Since Realmuto is currently first mask In history to go to no less than 15 vs 15 in stolen bases in a single season, we feel confident this is the best ‘running game’ season any player on both sides of the ball has had.

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    Associated Press/Noah K. Murray

    Jeez, where do we even begin with Aaron Judge’s season?

    He’s sitting on 55 home runs through 134 games, which you’ve probably heard give him a real chance of breaking Roger Maris’ MLS record of 61 from 1961. He only needs to score seven more games in the last 24 games for the New York Yankees.

    However, do we dare to say that the judge had already accomplished the feat of superiority over Maris?

    Exactly one year ago on Sunday, is started running He made nine home runs during his last 21 games of the 2021 season. Consequently, he has made 64 home runs over 155 games, which in itself is something even Maris you did not.

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    Julio Aguilar / Getty Images

    While the judge defends his case for fame all the time, the team he plays for tries to avoid permanent disgrace.

    During July 8, the Yankees were sitting on a record 61-23 that had rarely been glimpsed before. Just nine times Before the team had this number of victories in 84 games to start the season, the most recent of which was the 2001 Seattle Mariners.

    In ascending order, here’s how many losses the 10 teams incurred at this club after the fact:

  • 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates: 16
  • 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates: 19
  • 1939 New York Yankees: 22
  • 2001 Seattle Mariners / 1929 Philadelphia Athletics: 23
  • 1907 Chicago Cubs: 24
  • 1912 New York Giants: 27
  • 1998 New York Yankees: 28
  • 1928 New York Yankees: 30
  • 2022 New York Yankees: 32

In other words, it’s too late for Team 22 Yankees to avoid shame all along. They have already collapsed the toughest team ever to start with 61 wins from 84 games. And there is still nearly a month of baseball left to play.

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    Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

    Elsewhere in the American Eastern League, teams aren’t doing what the Baltimore Orioles are doing this season.

    Although it may not have been as painful as the club’s 115-loss debacle from 2018, the Orioles reached the 110-loss threshold again in 2021. In doing so, they joined their shortlist of 20 teams To lose a lot of matches in one season.

    They’re now over 0.500 at 72-65, which is where no team that had lost more than 110 games the previous year was unbeaten:

    Graph via Google Sheets

    What’s more, the Orioles really had to earn this. Although with 44 losses, their 39 wins over other winning clubs are tied to the Astros and Mets vs third more In baseball this season.

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    AP Photo / Carlos Osorio

    With a 52-85 record through 137 games, the Detroit Tigers are bad but not the worst team in MLB this season. This distinction belongs to 49-89 Washington citizens.

    But, at least the citizens can strike. The Tigers average 3.3 runs per game is the lowest In majors, they also have leagues Lowest OPS in .623.

    This is life when you are a team with a base percentage of .285 and only 84 at home. tigers It won’t be the first team To post 0.300 OBP below 100 people in one season, but they will be the first to do so with the benefits of both a designated hitter and an entire 162-game season.

    Worst crime ever? Look, all we say is that comic book man He should not be removed from control if he makes this argument.

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    Kevork Djansisian / Getty Images

    No matter how you spin it, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a juggernaut.

    Simply put, for starters, their 94-42 record put them on track to win 112 games. would be fourth most in history, and second more For the National League team behind the Cubs, who numbered only 116 wins in 1906.

    This is despite the fact that the Dodgers are underachieve ratio to 98-38 Pythagorean Record. It depends on their operating differential, which at plus 298 is already tenth best mark Among the modern teams at all.

    Of course, we still have 26 games left. If the Dodgers could maintain 2.2 points as their average victory margin, they would finish the season by a plus 356, the likes of which were only bettered by the 1927 Yankees led by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (plus) -377 and by 1939 Yankees by Joe Dimaggio. (plus 411).

    Stats courtesy of baseball referenceAnd the Fangraves And the baseball world.