Steelers’ QB3 Mason Rudolph is visibly frustrated with guiding employee decisions – ‘because now I’m on this team’

Tuesday Pittsburgh Steelers revision The depth chart that was shown was originally released Mason Rudolph as a backup for Mitchell Trubesky. The new version showed that Rudolph is the third player behind the midfielder behind the rookie Kenny Beckett. During his press conference on Tuesday, Mike Tomlin Note that the accident was a ‘written mistake’and note the copy-and-paste function as the culprit.

Steelers out quarterback Delontay Scott (No. 50) rushes quarterback Mason Rudolph during last week’s training at St. Vincent College. Scott, who joined the Steelers 11 months ago and spent most of last season on the coaching staff, has gained some interest in training camp. Credit… Chaz Palla / Tribune-Review

On Wednesday, the locker room was open to the media for the first time as the Steelers prepare to face off Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday. For his third quarterback series, Rudolph drew the crowd. No one is surprised. He was asked if he still wanted to stay in Pittsburgh for this season.

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These decisions are between my agent, Omar and the front office. So, this.. I’ll leave it up to these guys. I’m on this team now, and I’m going to do everything in my power to help the two guys prepare.”

Rudolph could not answer this question better or more professionally. It’s clear in his voice that he’s frustrated, but you have to give him credit for treating himself with the utmost respect for everyone involved.

“I am a competitor,” said Rudolph. Jerry Dulac From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “Anyone who wants to compete wants to be the man on the field, but these are things I can’t control. I will have a good positive mindset, doing whatever I can to help us win.”

Rudolph had a solid training camp, and it was pre-season by all accounts. Crowned pre-season by leading the Steelers to come from behind to win over Detroit Lions in Acresor Stadium. In three games this season, he finished 26/39 for 220 yards pass with 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Rudolph had his thoughts on the pre-season competition.

“I think he’s kind of in the rearview mirror now,” Rudolph said. “I would have liked to have more first-team representatives, but decisions are being made. I am moving forward.

“Listen, I’m a much better player than I was from Year 1 to Year 5. I’m confident and happy with myself when I got the cast. I’m going to do whatever I’m going to do. Other than that, I think I’m going to keep some kind of portfolio.”

Rudolph improved during his time with the Steelers. There was not enough production when he steps into the field. While it was last minute notice, Rudolph got the start on his home turf against the Lions when Ben Roethlisberger He tested positive for COVID-19. The match resulted in a draw that could have cost the Steelers a chance in the playoffs last year. All the blame for the tie shouldn’t go to Rudolph with his late overtime swings Deontay JohnsonAnd the Pat Freermouth In the end the Steelers did. But Rudolph had the entire first four quarters to find the end zone more than once and couldn’t do that.

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PITTSBURGH, PA – NOVEMBER 10: Mason Rudolph #2 of the Pittsburgh Steelers plays against the Los Angeles Rams on November 10, 2019 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

“I thought I played well,” Rudolph said of his pre-season performance. “I think I will have a chance to play in this league as a midfielder for a long time. I am confident of that. I wanted more first-team representatives, but anyone who is competitive will do that.

Rudolph is clearly annoyed by the amount of actors he’s constantly received on the subject.

“I think I improved a lot from throwing the ball last year, and understanding [Matt Canada’s] An insult where you feel more prepared than ever. You feel like, hey, I should have had more reps, but that’s not the hand I’ve been dealt.”

At once, he thought Rudolph would benefit from the knowledge Canada died offense, but may hurt him in the long run. He may have received fewer delegates because he didn’t need to learn that. Ultimately decisions were already made when the team signed Trubisky, then drafted Beckett.

Now we’ll see if the Steelers will force the obviously miserable Rudolph to stay in Pittsburgh for the entire season.

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