Steph Curry aims to inspire ‘I Have Superpowers’ book

NEW YORK (AP) – On nearly every basketball court around the world – from NBA arenas to elementary school gyms – you’ll see players of all sizes regularly attempting to shoot three long points. There is one man largely credited with turning basketball from a must-see over the edge game into a long-running box office shooter: Stephen Curry.

But the Golden State Warriors star who broke the NBA record by three points last season is now aiming for a different goal: children’s books.

Curry said of “I have superpowers” illustrated by Geneva Powers. “We want them to be able to set their sights on what they want to achieve in the world and really believe it’s possible.”

The father of three says the book is inspired in part by his children’s love of reading.

“You kind of keep your kids in mind when you’re talking about a book, and then you realize this is a global opportunity to get into the next generation,” explained the four-time NBA champion and MVP of the Finals.

A member of the prestigious NBA’s 75th Anniversary team and executive producer of the game show “Holly Molly,” Curry spoke with The Associated Press about empowering children and the upcoming NBA season. Answers have been modified for clarity and brevity.

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