Hayden Wesneski Etches name in history books as Chicago Cubs Drop Pittsburgh Pirates

While it may not seem like it, clean turn is noticeably rarer than no-hitter, but they are becoming more common as strike rates have risen over the past decade and hitters have become happier. In the history of Major League Baseball, there have been 317 players, and there have only been 122 pure rounds as … Read more

Marcus Strowman sees the Cubs as competitors in 2023 with the right moves: ‘We are close’

On his Twitter account during Major League BaseballAnd again while speaking to reporters at spring training in Arizona, Marcus Strowman He said it sweetly Kyle Hendricks He deserves to be the opening day starter this year, citing his overall experience and consistency with the team Cubs. Hendricks’ superiority Corbin Burnswinner of the National League Cy … Read more

All 30 Major League Baseball teams will play each other in one season for the first time in 2023

Major League Baseball announced Wednesday that it will play all 30 teams in a season for the first time in the era of overlap, as it released the schedule for the 2023 season. As a result, the opponents of the division will play each other only 13 times – less than 19 times. The new … Read more

With the Cubs continuing to rebuild, Chris Bryant’s year with Rocky didn’t go as planned

CHICAGO – It just felt like it happened Chris Bryant He returned to Wrigley Field as a giant this past September. Cubs Fans were still grappling with Jed Hoyer’s furious sell-off ahead of the July trading deadline, which yielded eight trades in 16 days and heralded the end of Chicago’s golden age on North Side. … Read more

Manfred: MLB is ready to voluntarily recognize the Minor League Players Association

New York – Major League Baseball It intends to recognize the Junior League Players Association without forcing players to go through the National Labor Relations Board election process, an important decision likely to speed up the creation of the new union and reduce tension. “I believe we have informed the MLBPA today that we are … Read more

Sarris: Across MLB, turnover rates are back again near their peak. Are sticky things here to stay?

Is the fight against spinning hopeless? Turnover rates around baseball are escalating again — almost back to where they were before baseball started enforcing foreign substance rules more actively in the middle of last season — perhaps due to the kind of evolution in sticky solutions that bowlers use to augment their stuff. Indeed, this … Read more

The Mets can’t keep wasting games against the MLB bottom feeders

The Mets heard a fundamentally foreign sound in 2022 at Citi Field on Tuesday night. Boo. It wasn’t a thunderbolt, but it wasn’t expressed once or twice. It was part of the soundtrack to another frustrating loss against a not-so-good opponent. It was supposed to be the easy part of the schedule, the part where … Read more

The Cubs indicate their intentions to go after the free big-name agents, and promote in a short time

CHICAGO – After two years of attendance restrictions at Wrigley Stadium, Cubs Jed Hoyer, head of baseball operations, has a general idea of ​​what payroll will be in the 2022 rebuilding season and relative return to normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. By late September or early October, Hoyer expects to receive a flat budget for … Read more

MLB Pack Pros: Rodón breaks franchise record, Turner continues his success | Sports

It’s been another great few weeks for the MLB Pack pros in the Western National League. San Francisco Giants left quarterback Carlos Rodon and Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Tria Turner have been making huge impacts on their teams as of late. In San Francisco, Rodon continues to see big strike numbers at nearly every performance. … Read more

Tom Ricketts: You can’t buy a championship team, but the club is in a good position for free agency

CHICAGO – In the midst of the second multi-year cycle of ripping/rebuilding in the past decade, Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said he retains full confidence in Jed Hoyer’s baseball operations group and remains “extremely optimistic” about the direction of the franchise, even with the pace of 94 losses and the large number of empty green … Read more