Rafael Leao holds Milan, and must chase Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal

Rafael Liao standing.picture: Getty Images In many ways, Milan mirrors the Italian league in general. They are so much fun, and they were able to make use of it Juventus slipping into the abyss A flash from Inter to win the Scudetto last year. But how good they really are, like the league as a … Read more

Why you have to put up with Detroit Red Wings fans this year

Moritz Ciderpicture: Getty Images Well, yes, because they never shut up, regardless of the team’s fortunes on the ice. They’re always around, shouting “Yzer’s plan!” And they assure you that the Red Wings dynasty will continue because whatever comes in their minds in 2025 is still connected to what happened in 2002. That’s the way … Read more

Manchester City’s Erling Haaland scores a hat-trick against Man United

Erling Haalandpicture: Getty Images Unless you’re wearing blue, there’s been an overwhelming sense of injustice in the Premier League this season. We already have the richest club in the world, with the best coach, the best team, maybe the best passer in the world, and we’ll just add the top scorer out there. With it … Read more

Albuquerque Peaks Level The Last Outside Slope In Baseball

It’s no longer the last outer hill in pro baseballscreenshot: Twitter / @ABQTopes Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – Six years now having played the Houston Astros Final match with Tal’s Hill Center – The Albuquerque Isotopes played their last game with a hill in the center of the field. By 6 p.m. Thursday, Isotopes Hill … Read more

Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney have no answers about the riots

screenshot: FX we Already gone How Welcome to Wrexham He spent the first four episodes of his first season mainly praising how charming, funny, and cute Ryan Reynolds and Rob were. mselhini be. The show isn’t meant for football fans, which is a good thing – it’s really meant for anyone who loves these two … Read more

Cleveland Browns star booked speeding tickets before plane crash

It’s 100 miles an hour.picture: Getty Images There is a fine line between bad luck and stupidity, and the Cleveland Browns stretch between it and any “damned” team. Loss to planes in week 2 Summarize this because the NFL side kick average is less than 20 (bad luck), but giving up a 66-yard touchdown goes … Read more

USMNT’s Greg Berhalter needs to beat himself before the World Cup

Greg Berhalterpicture: Getty Images Well, I’ll be Sammy Sunshine for the USMNT. It’s not easy, but there are a lot of dark clouds after the team went to 0 for 180 minutes in scoring, or looked like they could score, or even look like they were interested in scoring, in the last two goals. Friendly … Read more

Qatar recruits its citizens for the security of the World Cup

Qatar recruits citizens for the security of the World Cup, with a written disaster everywherepicture: Getty Images Here’s the thing about Qatar hosting the World Cup in about six weeks: even if you can ignore Disgusting and horrific violations of human rights that built the infrastructure for it (which you can’t), or if you can … Read more

What if Christian Pulisic from USMNT isn’t good anymore?

Let’s see how he performs in the World Cuppicture: Getty Images Also, it might be kind of tingly, but we’ll get back to that. There isn’t much to be complacent about after the USMNT’s last two friendlies before the World Cup. They didn’t score any goal. They didn’t pay all that attention to three halves … Read more

College football matches should be extended, not shortened

We want more college football, not less, you idiots.picture: Getty Images Since when did we start to care so much about the length of sporting events? MLB’s rush to shorten games appears to be a direct response to the community’s inability to get bored for any length of time. My favorite thing on the train … Read more