Inside Gates’ commercial hunt for Tyreek Hill, and how it rebounded

Inside Gates’ commercial hunt for Tyreek Hill, and how it rebounded

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ – On March 18, New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas received a call from Trek HillAgent Drew Rosenhouse. Kansas City chiefs had given Rosenhouse permission to shop the broadband receiver, and now he’s reaching out to see if the planes are interested. They may have been. very. What was revealed was … Read more

Chiefs provide injury updates and sign some familiar faces

The chiefs provide several injury updates and bring back some familiar faces to the coaching staff To the former bosses back with the team and Botker still not training Updated: 4:18 PM CDT Oct 6, 2022 Hide text Show text Well really? The only person who won’t exercise is the vault. So it still works … Read more

Alex Smith details how he circumvented the concussion protocol

The NFL’s concussion protocol is in the spotlight – once again – after the horrific Dolphins’ injury sustained Tua Tagovailoa in last week’s game against the Bengals. former presidents Quarterback Alex Smith Monday asked How does the protocol work? Written by Pablo Torres on the ESPN Daily Podcast, Smith delved into his own experiences with … Read more

Kansas City Chiefs Larius Snead was shy on Tom Brady’s sack

Tampa Bay, Florida The game-changing L’Jarius Sneed play started with a few tricks. He thought he needed it against one of the best midfielders of all time. Snead – the third-year corner kick for the Kansas City Chiefs – says he likes to study a pre-game movie of the opposing team’s signal caller each week … Read more

Cameron Pratt played from the Buccaneers after suffering a concussion in the latest NFL chaos

The NFL may have another concussion about a concussion in his hands. The Buccaneers’ tight end Cameron Pratt suffered a concussion late in the first half of Sunday’s 41-31 loss to the Chiefs – but he continued to play before he was eventually disqualified in the second half. arms Hit the Bucs’ wide receiver by … Read more

Fast Food NFL Week 4 – Great Lessons & Questions for Every Game

12:46 PM ET NFL NationESPN fourth week The 2022 NFL season kicked off Thursday night with a Cincinnati Bengals win overshadowed by a frightening injury to the Miami Dolphin QB Toa Tagoviloawho suffered a concussion and was hospitalized for a short period. The timing of the concussion sparked new scrutiny for Tagoviloa’s strike four days … Read more

It is said that Vikings Stadium may host a Chiefs-Bucs match due to Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian hits Cuba, continues in Florida Hurricane Ian becomes a major Category 3 storm as it makes its way to Florida 02:41 Minneapolis – The Minnesota Vikings play in London this weekend, but according to one report, US Bank Stadium may continue to host a soccer match on Sunday. ESPN’s Jeff Darlington said the … Read more

Lessons from NFL Week 3 losses by the Bucs, Chiefs, Bills

Five undefeated NFL teams played on Sunday. Only two wins were selected. The bills, pirates and bosses all fell the third weekThey lost all three of their matches by seven points combined. Every loss was meaningful. The win saved the Colts’ season, put the Dolphins in the jumper’s seat in East Asia, and secured what … Read more

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes talking with Benemi

Indianapolis Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wasn’t happy after the team’s first-half playoff — and admitted it often after The Chiefs lost 20-17 to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium. “I mean, at the end of the day, I wanted to go try to score. We were in a tough situation. … Read more

The OC says WR Skyy Moore, the Kansas City Chiefs, will get more shots

Skye Moore, the Kansas City Chiefs’ rookie receiver, had only lost twice last week against the Los Angeles Chargers, both coming in while kneeling on final possession. It’s not a scenario likely to happen again, said Eric Benemi, the attack coordinator. “I guarantee you he’ll see more than two shots over the course of the … Read more