Arte Moreno selling angels is the best thing that has happened to the franchise in years

via After many years of uninspired baseball Tuesday, Los Angeles Angels owner Artie Moreno announced August 23 that he was exploring the possibility of selling the franchise. “It is a great honor and privilege to own the Angels for 20 seasons,” Moreno said in a statement. “Although this difficult decision was entirely our choice … Read more

Bowden: MLB teams that should be considering unpopular deals for star players this off-season

Being a general manager is not a popularity contest. Sometimes making an unwelcome decision is the right one to get a franchise. for most Citizens Crowds, superb handling John Soto to me parents Deadline Trade was the most unpopular trade of the year, but no matter how much they hated the move, many understood the … Read more

All 30 Major League Baseball teams will play each other in one season for the first time in 2023

Major League Baseball announced Wednesday that it will play all 30 teams in a season for the first time in the era of overlap, as it released the schedule for the 2023 season. As a result, the opponents of the division will play each other only 13 times – less than 19 times. The new … Read more

Manfred: MLB is ready to voluntarily recognize the Minor League Players Association

New York – Major League Baseball It intends to recognize the Junior League Players Association without forcing players to go through the National Labor Relations Board election process, an important decision likely to speed up the creation of the new union and reduce tension. “I believe we have informed the MLBPA today that we are … Read more

Sarris: Across MLB, turnover rates are back again near their peak. Are sticky things here to stay?

Is the fight against spinning hopeless? Turnover rates around baseball are escalating again — almost back to where they were before baseball started enforcing foreign substance rules more actively in the middle of last season — perhaps due to the kind of evolution in sticky solutions that bowlers use to augment their stuff. Indeed, this … Read more

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout Homers in game seven in a row, one shy of an MLB record

Cleveland – Star of Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout He returned for his seventh game in a row, one shy of a major league record, but the AL Central leaders Cleveland Guardians took a 5-4 win Monday night. Amid Rosario home doubled Stephen Kwan With the starting signal in seventh for Cleveland, increasing their advantage … Read more

Deciding scenarios, arc and timeline

There are still weeks left to go in the MLB 2022 regular season, but some teams – mainly the Los Angeles Dodgers – are already looking towards October. The Dodgers snatched their first season-breaking berth on Sunday night. Now the Houston Astros, the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves, to name a few, are … Read more

Alex Bergman Goes to the Boom; Houston Astros take a series of Los Angeles Angels

After three in the third inning, the Houston Astros added all the insurance they needed to beat the Los Angeles Angels for a chain win. Mauricio Dupont kicked off the show with his first home run since July 29 on a single shot at Crawford Boxes. After Dupont, Jose Altuve and Jeremy Peña achieved back-to-back … Read more

Deciding scenarios, arc and timeline

There are still weeks left to go in the MLB 2022 regular season, but quite a few teams – especially the Los Angeles Dodgers – are already looking towards October. The Dodgers, along with the Houston Astros, New York Mets and Atlanta Braves, to name a few, are on track to secure a post-season berth … Read more

Odds: Willie Fanias, Kiderson Pavon sue the Los Angeles Angels, claiming agreements reneged on the team

Two teenage baseball players are suing Los Angeles Angels in a court in the Dominican Republic, alleging that the organization reneged on verbal agreements to sign them, a practice that increasingly grew amid a spectacle with limited regulation by Major League Baseball. At the August 31 hearing, attorneys continued to discuss the cases of Willie … Read more