MLB Playoffs: Player advantage is a huge advantage in the post-season

NEW YORK—Francisco Lindor will get $341 million over 10 years with the Mets, but he can’t buy the thing he wants so much. The world championship ring, for sure. But also a world championship sweatshirt. Noon at work on Thursday, the day before The Mets face the Padres in three games of the National League … Read more

World Championship picks, match predictions as MLB playoffs begin

The regular season is over and the extended post-season begins on Friday afternoon, which means it’s time once again to make some World Championship picks. Sure enough, some of us (read: Martel) were breathing horribly Our Pre-Season World Championship PredictionsBut that’s part of the fun! The first World Championship winner of the others is still … Read more

Seahawks DK Metcalf takes a wagon to the bathroom in the middle of a game

1. Early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Seahawks-Lions game, receiver DK Metcalf was moved from Seattle to the locker room. As Metcalf later explained in one of the best tweets you’ll ever see, he didn’t leave the game because he was injured. He only needed to get to the bathroom. as soon as possible. … Read more

The MLB playoff race features the Guardians as the most interesting team

The guardians It’s either the future of baseball or a first-round exit after the season is over waiting to happen. or both. Cleveland is the most exciting team in the playoffs. He’ll try to win postseason baseball games in a way that’s been nearly impossible for the past five years: with virtually no power. The … Read more

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel’s driving style, Dolphins beat the Bills

It was about a month ago, in a conference room near his office in Miami Gardens. New Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel wasn’t just answering a question about others’ doubts about his ability to fill his new role. He has already brought up the topic himself. He’s heard whispers that, shorter and shorter than most NFL … Read more

Jaguar put the AFC contenders on notice after their back-to-back wins

More MMQB: How dolphins survived bills | Ten tips: Jalen Hurts clears his doubts | Draft Notes: QB Predictor Seat in the first round | 0-3 Raiders may wonder what it might be | MMQB Awards for Best Performance in Week Three The Jaguars’ 38-10 win over the Chargers on Sunday was one of the … Read more

Fox addresses accusation of banning Urban Meyer banners at pre-game show

1. The Fox College Football Preliminary Show was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Saturday for the Maryland-Michigan game. Urban Meyer was a hit in Ohio back in the day, making him an unpopular figure in the Wolverine Territory. Due to Mayer’s disastrous stint in the NFL and the fact that he became an online … Read more

The Yankees desperately need Aaron Judge for a home win. 62

NEW YORK—They waited five days—41 innings, 21 board appearances, 81 pitches—and then the rain came, and baseball fans waited some more. Aaron Judge, who hit his 60th career home run this season on Tuesday and hasn’t hit a single since, has been the center of a metaphorical storm all week. He was on board when … Read more

The Raiders start winless with McDaniels, looking back at Gruden, Bisaccia

Just mentioning that the Raiders are between 0 and 3 years old right now sounds like an incredibly loaded statement. After losing 24-22 to the Titans, a team that includes Derek Carr, Davante Adams and Max Crosby is buried deep in West Asia breaks. It’s a place we can’t even imagine, with even the wildest … Read more

USMNT World Cup Strikers: Pepi and Sargent get a chance amid the Pefok snub

Perhaps the Bundesliga wanted to find a new way to remind everyone that it has a title race to promote in late September. Union Berlin is, after all, the surprising leader of the league that is often in the hands of Bayern Munich now. But this was a fun way to do it – essentially … Read more