The big winners of the month of Madness will be Liverpool and Harry Maguire will get a chance for United

October will separate men from boys. Most rival clubs in Europe have nine games next month – yes, nine – and that includes Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. The Reds have taken over Brighton, Rangers, Arsenal, Rangers again, Manchester City, West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Ajax and Leeds between now and Halloween. That’s enough to make some fans … Read more

The Yankees star managed to score 61st at home, to tie with Maris’ record in AL

Toronto (AFP) – Aaron Judge tied Roger Maris’ MLS record by 61 home runs in one seasonclaimed a playoff win, and a two-stage lead for the New York Yankees against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night. The 30-year-old drove a 94.5-mph diver with a left-handed full number Tim Meeza over the left field fence … Read more

The Yankees star managed to score 61st at home, to tie with Maris’ record in AL

TORONTO (AFP) – Aaron Judge tied Roger Maris’ MLS record of 61 in a season, sending the New York Yankees deeper against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night. The 30-year-old drove an entire field of Tim Meeza over a left field fence in the seventh inning at Rogers Center. Judge surpassed 60 home runs … Read more

Rangers have tough contract issues ahead of NHL cap increase

Finally, Rangers will have room to breathe under the salary cap starting in the 2024-25 season, as the NHL anticipates the return of the revenue link under the formulas outlined in the collective bargaining agreement extension memorandum. Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, as Sportsnet first reported on Tuesday, has advised club executives that the cap, which … Read more

LeBron James buys a piece of the league team

One of the sports so popular in the United States caught the attention of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James that he decided to become a part-owner of an expanded team for a growing league. No, LeBron does not buy a team for the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, or Major League Baseball. … Read more

FIFA judges explain in detail why they refused to resume the World Cup in Chile | Sports

GENEVA (Associated Press) – FIFA judges have rejected the entire Chilean Football Association’s case in Failed resume this month To replace Ecuador in the World Cup, according to the detailed ruling published on Wednesday. Chile argued that they had documents proving that Ecuadorean defender Byron Castillo was indeed Colombian and should have been ineligible for … Read more

USMNT’s Greg Berhalter needs to beat himself before the World Cup

Greg Berhalterpicture: Getty Images Well, I’ll be Sammy Sunshine for the USMNT. It’s not easy, but there are a lot of dark clouds after the team went to 0 for 180 minutes in scoring, or looked like they could score, or even look like they were interested in scoring, in the last two goals. Friendly … Read more

Kenny Goladay, Tony Kadarius, and an old promise are killing giants

The second largest paid receiving team in the NFL needs a lot of help. If Giants owner Jon Mara spoke openly to the media today, he would probably say the same thing he said on January 6, 2021: “There is no doubt that we need to help our attack move forward and add more pieces.” … Read more

Qatar recruits its citizens for the security of the World Cup

Qatar recruits citizens for the security of the World Cup, with a written disaster everywherepicture: Getty Images Here’s the thing about Qatar hosting the World Cup in about six weeks: even if you can ignore Disgusting and horrific violations of human rights that built the infrastructure for it (which you can’t), or if you can … Read more

What if Christian Pulisic from USMNT isn’t good anymore?

Let’s see how he performs in the World Cuppicture: Getty Images Also, it might be kind of tingly, but we’ll get back to that. There isn’t much to be complacent about after the USMNT’s last two friendlies before the World Cup. They didn’t score any goal. They didn’t pay all that attention to three halves … Read more