The Arizona Coyotes Recreational District is a raw deal for Tempe

In my five years in public office, the residents of Tempe did not demand a recreation area.

They demanded housing, aged care, childcare, and employment. They have called for fully funded schools and solutions to the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

The proposed Arizona Coyotes Recreation District in Tempe addresses only one of those demands – employment – and very partially at that. The city council should abolish The whole project.

In the promotional materials, the hockey team talks about 1.7 billion dollars live “Manica” The Rio Salado Parkway and Priest Drive in seductive terms depict a luxury “unique destination” that will create jobs and generate net new taxes.

They promote taxes but want years of free flights

The arena and recreation area of ​​the Arizona Coyotes is proposed on 46 acres near the Rio Salado Parkway and Priest Drive.

But look closely at their trading scheme and it turns out that it is not at all desirable to the current inhabitants of Tempe. It would essentially entail giving a bad economic actor – the current wolf owner – generous tax donations and thus depriving our city of additional funds for the much-needed services mentioned above.

The beleaguered NHL team promises to transform a 46-acre city-owned site into a “regional landmark” that will include a multi-purpose arena (the team’s future home), music venue, “high-end” retail and office spaces, more than 1,600 condominiums, and “boutique” hotels and “conferences”.