The brave at hand from East NL. How worried are the Mets?

by Disha Thoussar
FOX Sports MLB Writer

The first place in the National League is very close, and brave You can smell it. The mets in their minds.

after, after New York Second loss in a row for Citizens On Sunday, Truist Park was criticized in “Narco” by Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet, aka Mets close Edwin Diaz Music Entrance. At the time of that epic dwarf, the Braves were two hours in delaying the rain and caring about the score in Queens. As soon as play resumed in Atlanta, the Braves beat Marlins7-1, and moved in one game to the first-placed Mets in the Eastern National League.

The defending champion Braves hasn’t spent a single day in pole position this season, and the Mets would like to keep it that way.

However, with a hard-earned war chain, you can beat the Dodgers Behind them, the Mets have so far failed to capitalize on their position. New York has the easiest table left in baseball. Starting with the Nationals series at Citi Field last weekend, the Mets are playing .500 sub teams five times in a row this month. The Mets have the opportunity to put a real distance between the first and the brave. They can do so that by the time Atlanta hosts New York on September 30th in its regular season finale, that series won’t matter.

Despite the live schedule, the latest happenings in New York have shown that perhaps it won’t be so simple to hold onto the top spot for the 2022 Mets.

“There’s always a word you use about it, whether it’s relegation or relegation,” said Mets coach Buck Showalter after their 7-1 loss to the Nationals on Sunday. “But why is that? Because of the level they played. It’s a departure from that.”

A cocktail of unfortunate events was shaken up and served this past weekend in Queens. was the rule Max Scherzer An early exit – his second abridged outing of the season – due to a fear injury. Then there was Carlos Carrasco Back to rotation, six strokes and five runs (one earned) are allowed for the Nationals across 2.2 innings – with defensive play weak behind the right hand on Sunday. As for attack, the Mets have averaged just three runs per game over the past dozens of days, which is good for the fifth fewest runs in the game. MLB on this extension.

Scherzer left his start Saturday night against the Nationals after just five rounds and 67 throws, which is unusual because an ace has thrown an average of 98 throws in his previous 11 games since returning from the injured list. The Mets later announced, and Scherzer confirmed, that he felt “fatigue on his left side” in the third inning of his start on Saturday night. It was a feeling, said Scherzer, that “we’re not going away.” So he pulled himself out – just as he did in May – and worries about his longevity took off.

Although Scherzer noted that his early exit was out of reserve, telling reporters that this was a veteran playing it safe with his seemingly exhausted body, the Mets’ concerns stem from Scherzer’s left tilted dynasty that has caused him to miss out for nearly seven weeks into the season. . Then, Scherzer did not act quickly. He felt pain in his left side on May 18 against the Cardinals and continued to play. Only in the last moments before he got himself out of that outing did Scherzer feel he made the injury worse. Since then, the three-time Cy Young winner has been criticizing himself for prolonging that May outing rather than preemptively ending it.

“Just can’t take any risk, especially when the calendar is right now,” Scherzer said Saturday. “There isn’t a lot of time to get you up and running again. So I think that played an important role in getting out after five.”

Scherzer’s health, combined with Jacob Degrom’s 1-2 punch, is critical to the success of the Mets playoff success. If Scherzer thinks he can always be in October for the Mets, for example, adding a day off before his next start, the Mets should listen. Over the course of the final four weeks of the regular season, Showalter must weigh what is best for the team in post-season versus winning matches right now. The Mets could be better prepared to dominate the playoffs by giving their best assets – Scherzer and deGrom – time to rest and stay healthy.

But doing so will require a bit of restraint from the Mets, and with little progress in one match, they are in no position to hold back. That’s why Showalter sighs audibly and rattles when reporters ask him about the strength of the Mets’ schedule. Playing teams under .500 doesn’t always mean streak victories, as evidenced by New York dropping two out of three to the Nationals over Labor Day weekend. And if the Mets want to keep their stock healthy, while keeping their daily position players up to date, they’ll have to exercise caution in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the brave have nothing to lose by operating planes and trying to ambush the dead from first place. They’ve kept the pressure on New York all year long, staying consistent while the Mets try not to falter. The Braves are 14-4 since August 15, while the Mets are 10-10 in that period.

New York Mets and Atlanta Braves heat up the NL East: Who will end up at the top?

New York Mets and Atlanta Braves heat up the NL East: Who will end up at the top?

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry touch base of the New York Mets and NL East and where they stand. The New York Mets continue to dominate, but with the Atlanta Braves close by, who will come out on top?

The Atlanta staff is working just in time, ranking fifth as the best ERA (3.44) in Major League Baseball. The Braves are first in the MLB in batting (1,294), opponent batting average (.210) and blocking (45). They are also tied with the Dodgers in third place with the third-lowest number of goals allowed (118) in the league. Just Astros (112) and giants (113) They gave up fewer reptiles.

After a sweep against the Marlins this weekend and extended their winning streak to five games, the Braves head to the West Coast for an eight-game trip against the A’s, Mariners and Giants starting on Tuesday. A lot can change in the next few weeks of this bunting, and if the Braves keep doing what they have all year long, it won’t be a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will take the lead.

“That was a good home,” Braves manager Brian Snicker said on Sunday. “Our show was really good. The game team did a really good job, and they had some really good starts. That’s what we need to do at this time of year.”

Disha Thoussar is an MLB writer for FOX Sports. She has previously covered for the Mets for the New York Daily News. Follow her on Twitter at @Dishes.

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