The Dallas Stars announces the Traverse City Prospects Championship roster

The Dallas stars They announced the team’s squad for the 2022 Traverse City Prospects tournament. The Michigan-bound team is filled with recent high selections, with the front group looking in particular first-class.

attackers (13)

54- Francesco Arcuri
37 – The Return of Oscar
22- Matej Bloomel
45- Maverick Burke
13 – Riley Damiani
62- Justin Ertell
53- White Johnston
51- Friedrich Karlstrom
73- Logan Morrison
52- Conner Roulette
58- Matthew Semenov
57 – Logan Stankoven
71- Antonio Strings

Defensemen (7)

65- Dawson Bartow
59- Artem Groshnikov
60- Jacob Holmes
81- Michael Caro
61- Christian Kero
67- Jacob Murray
74- Gavin White

goalkeepers (2)

32 – Matt Murray
50 – Remy Poirier

What are you looking for – attackers

Up front, this is the strongest group of attackers that the Superstars have brought to Traverse City in quite some time. Bourke, Johnston and Stankoven are some of the big names.

Returning, Karlstrom and Damiani bring a wealth of AHL experience. Everyone but the successor saw a little action at the NHL level last year, which gave the team a solid depth. You can play in Stranges, Roulette and Arcuri as lower level options, and everyone who had interesting seasons in CHL last year.

Personally, I would look at Matej Blummel. He hit everyone’s radar with an exceptional performance for the Czech Republic at the World Cup last year. He is 22 years old and has three years of professional experience with HC Dynamo Pardubice. If things break his way, he could be a surprising addition to the NHL roster.

If you’re looking for a story that feels satisfying, check out Logan Morrison, who works at In the same gym as Rich Peverley in Guelph and showed up well enough at development camp to get an invite.


Dallas brought only two defenders with NHL contracts to the tournament: Dawson Bartow and Artem Grushnikov. There is a chance here to see a few potential clients on a higher level, especially Christian Kerro.

Other than that, there are a few drafted players who have taken the college route to develop, but overall, the team may struggle to protect the network’s professionals.

I’ll watch Bartow, who has a few years under his belt between the Texas Stars and Idaho Steelheads. The stars have recognized their weakness on the right side, and Barto is one of the few decent shooting defenders on the roster who still has a chance to make an impact at the level of the NHL. I’ve always loved the Barteaux hybrid – it can move the dial, but it can be the off factor when needed. This year looks like his chance to make a big leap if he has it.


Matt Murray did well in his professional debut last year, signing an AHL contract for next season. Anton Khodubin and Adam Schell will fight for some time at Cedar Park, but if past years’ results translate into this year, Murray should be 1A among the trio.

Poirier must have at least one complete game. He has spent the past four years with the Gatineau Olympiques of QMJHL and is getting better every year. Given the impasse at Cedar Park, Pourier is likely to head to Idaho to start his career, but it will be interesting to take a look at him in the face of competition at a professional level.

The moon and the stars are lined up this year, so I’ll be attending this year’s tournament. Look for game updates / odds starting next Thursday.