The defending champion Rams lost by the Bills in the opening match

INglewood, Calif. (AP) – Sean McVeigh knows one of the prices for longevity in the NFL is that eventually he will experience a lot of good and bad as a coach.

He hasn’t had many bad experiences, but Thursday night was definitely one of them.

The Rams’ 31-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills marked the first time in six opening games that McVeigh was on the losing end. Reporters can hear McVeigh yelling at his team, including some expletives, after the match because only the retractable door separates the locker room from the interview room after the match.

There was a reason behind McVeigh’s anger. It’s only the fifth time the Rams has lost by at least 21 points since becoming coach in 2017. It was also the second-worst loss for a defending Super Bowl champion, with Baltimore losing 49-27 to Denver in 2013.

The defeat also made McVeigh utter a word he rarely uses – humility.