The Dodgers beat Padres to win 9-4 and take the series

The Dodgers are now four-for-four in a series against the Padres in 2022. The Dodgers defeated the Padres 9-4 in a four-hour, eight-minute, nine-game match at Dodger Stadium on Sunday.

The Dodgers offense was only recorded in two rounds today but they made it count five games in the fourth and then four in the seventh.

It was 100 degrees and cloudy at Dodger Stadium to add to the length of this game.

Dodger’s most impressive bowlers were opener Caleb Ferguson and winning bowler Alex Vesia.

All Ferguson did today was hit the only three hits he faced today. And it made them all search. Vecia came in with two on and no outs in the fourth inning. Then Matt Beattie and Trent Gresham hit. Vesia will retire Austin Nola on a pop out to finish the inning.

Between Ferguson and Vecia, Ryan Bibiot made more than two runs. And beckoning him, he made 74 throws and got six shots. He also stopped three hits and four walks.

Padres scored first in the third inning when Manny Machado had two runners up in the first and second, and took home one after Tria Turner had a poor throw that allowed Austin Nola to score from second.

The Dodgers took the lead at the bottom of fourth. Will Smith tied the match when he hit a single shot. Smith also featured in Clevenger’s previous start against the Dodgers this year.

Later, one outing and one stroke after another carried the rules of Cody Bellinger. Clevenger was walking Bellinger to score the second round of the inning. Luis Garcia will replace Clevenger and hit the Mookie Betts Fly Sacrifice to make him 3-1 Dodgers.

Tria Turner followed with a parachute reel that fell between Jurikson Provar and Ha Seung Kim. Turner finished with a two-and-a-half over the Padres.

The Dodgers maintained this lead until the seventh inning. Evan Phillips entered the game carrying a streak of 29 retired consecutive hitters. The streak seemed to continue when Goriksson hit Provar with a foul behind the house board.

But Will Smith didn’t catch the ball, so Bruvar took his second chance and doubled his two runs at home. Jake Cronenworth doubled the house Profar to make it a one-run game. It was the first time Phillips had given up since July 21.

The Dodgers responded at the bottom of the half with a walk ahead to Smith. Max Munsey marked the base of the right field wall to position runners in the corners. Justin Turner slammed a double to the left and Smith scored.

Trayce Thompson was hit by Joey Gallo after bringing in the Padres at left hand Adrian Morejon. In 2022, Thompson had a sharp reverse split hitting 0.167 against the southern paws while smashing right bowlers.

Thompson Morragon greeted with this blast to put the game back into the Dodgers’ hands for safekeeping.

Craig Kimbrill retired in the last three players of the standings and the Dodgers were able to finish the week as he started with a win.

magic number

With a win, the Dodgers’ magic number for winning NL West is 9.

Sunday details

run the house: Will Smith (21), Trace Thompson (8)

WP – Alex Vezia (4-0): 1⅓ IP, 1 walk, 2 strokes

LP – Mike Clevenger (5-6): 3⅓ IP, 4 strokes, 5 runs, 2 walk, 4 strokes

next one

The Dodgers will finish this house off with a series of three matches against the Giants. She will face Andrew Heaney in her first match against Logan Webb. The first pitch will be at 7:10 p.m. and will be on SportsNet LA.