The Dodgers Mets series has surpassed the hype. What did you teach us?

by Disha Thoussar
FOX Sports MLB Writer

New York – three out of 162.

Battle tested mets face the juggernaut Dodgers This week in a series of three games that felt like they had a little bit of everything — basically, the playoff feel. Sharp pitching matches. Fastballs that hit 102 mph. Manages the clutch house. key saves. Incredible fishing. trumpets.

In the end, it was the Mets, the second-best team in the National League, that won the series of the season against the Dodgers, the team with the best record (90-40) in baseball. It was the Mets who passed his cult test – splitting the four-game series in June in Los Angeles and taking two out of three this week at Citifield.

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Once completed, the players on both teams agreed on one thing: This three-way match was just another streak. The results of the long-awaited clashes will mean that the time for elimination will come.

For two teams with world championship aspirations, these fights may have had an after-season feel, but they weren’t playoffs. Both teams called it what it was: three games out of 162.

This tells us that the Mets and Dodgers are locked in an unshakable mindset at the moment. These teams want us to believe they paid so little attention to the exhausted crowds and intangible energy that swept through Finn Scully Street and Tom Sever Way in June and August, respectively. It’s all well and good for the teams, but for the giant fan bases, this series meant something.

For fans, this series lived up to the hype. And it made everyone wonder if those results—again, the Mets won four out of seven games—had an element that foreshadowed a potential National League championship streak between New York and Los Angeles.

Certainly, there were some strong features in the home field, as Australian musician Timmy Trumpet shaped Citifield audiences with a live performance of “Narco” for Edwin DiazNine stadiums except Wednesday. But the Mets were undoubtedly electric, from Diaz to Jacob DegromThe seven turns of the ball that is played once Mark KanhaFourth home run in 10 games, all of which led to the collapse of the house.

Those three moments in particular felt like the Mets were closing the door on the Dodgers for good. However, at the same time, New York was just giving Los Angeles a glimpse of what perseverance they can bring in the post-season.

“They have a good show. We have a good show,” the first Dodgers player Freddy Freeman He said. “It would be like that if we faced them in the qualifiers. That’s what happens with two good teams.”

About two hours before the stadium show kicks off on Wednesday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said facing DeGrum is definitely a challenge for his team — for any team. But Roberts was also treating the Dodgers-Mets series like a study session, trying to gather useful information for a qualifying exam. The way Degrom would handle the Dodgers’ lineup, for example, was important information for Roberts and his coaching staff should he see him again in October.

“There’s a certain way they want to attack everyone individually,” Roberts said. “So I think that’s definitely helpful. And just for the hitter, to see how the ball comes out. He’s obviously sitting at 99-100. [mph]the slider is 93 [mph]. I think just looking at it is very helpful.”

Roberts wasn’t the only one taking notes with an eye on the playoffs. Mets ace deGrom said, after a nine-stroke performance that helped bring his ERA down to 1.98, “Maybe pay a little more attention to this and what they look like they’re doing and what [they] She wasn’t and took a little mental note of that.”

Dodgers Fielder Right Mocky Pets‘Running at home from DeGrom in the sixth inning on Wednesday was a blueprint for how to make him pay for a costly mistake. DeGrom, after all, is just a human. Even if it was rare, it would spoil from time to time, and L.A.’s job was to pounce on those slips. DeGrom missed his slider, and Betts sent him to the left of center for his 32nd home of the year. While delighted by Bates – who would later describe Degrom as “perhaps the best ever” – he was telling us that it took an elite hit with acumen to win that one escaping the Ace Mets.

But the Dodgers also learned that, versus a good 2022 Mets, it’s not always as easy to take advantage of mistakes. When the Dodgers is the third baseman Justin Turner Degrom gets penalized for high-belt fast ball, Mets midfielder Brandon Nemo I chased a missile into the right center field wall, jumped and Turner stole from a game-related run. It was easy to capture the best moments of Nemo’s career. He was happy to help Degrom by taking a home run from his ledger, but the quarterback was more proud of the importance of play and that he prevented the dodgers from tying the match and stealing the momentum.

“We’re a good team too,” Nemo said of facing the Dodgers. “We know that.” “Don’t get me wrong: they’re a great team, and they’ve been doing that for a while. So nothing can be taken away from them. But we feel like we’re playing well. They’ve been good matches. I played against them. Two really good teams come together and play. It feels like a match.” Baseball “.

Now that the Mets and Dodgers face each other for the last time in the regular season, the two teams have different responsibilities with a month left before baseball in October.

The Dodgers, with a ridiculous 18-game lead in NL West, have the advantage of giving their players every day some rest before the incessant post-season electricity. Major players such as Freeman and Tria Turner, who have played every game this season, will take a few days off this month. But the Dodgers don’t want rest days to mean they’re taking a poor approach to finishing the regular season.

Instead, they want to find a way to give their stars the much-needed rest while maintaining their edge. It is a challenging endeavor and also a privilege.

Mets midfielder Brandon Nemo reacted after stealing a home run against the Dodgers on Wednesday, helping secure New York’s 2-1 win. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Mets coach Buck Showalter doesn’t have the advantage of giving his players a few days off. The brave The Mets are threatening a No.1 position in New York for the better part of the year, so the Mets can’t stay off the gas as they try to win their first NL East title since 2015.

Francis Lindor And the Alonso’s house, who tied the most matches played for New York (131), necessary to achieve this goal. But they will be even more important in October, when their health and talent are of paramount importance in the Mets’ quest to end their 36-year championship drought.

“I said this about the brave, and I’ll say this about the dodgers,” Mets right Chris Bassett He said. “It’s not who we play. This isn’t the qualifiers. I know it might not be great for the fans, but it’s just another match. If it was the qualifiers, I’d say a lot of different things. We have a long way to go. We have a whole month to go. So it’s just a good win over Good team. That’s it.”

Disha Thoussar is an MLB writer for FOX Sports. She has previously covered for the Mets for the New York Daily News. Follow her on Twitter at @Dishes.

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