The Eagles Mailbag: The End of the Road for the Legend of the Franchise?

There is no NFL football on the field this weekend, but we can ask a few questions online.

Cooter16: Will Galen Hurts ever get better?

This is the question that will dominate the season. We can also hit her head on.

We have to be careful not to confuse the improvement Produce with improvement performance.

Here are Hurts’ season stats and then his season split into the first 7 games, where the Eagles tried to play traditional attack, and the last 8, when they went hard on the ground. All categories are divided into 17 games.

Galen Hurts Rankings 2021

category full season Rank The first 7 matches Rank Last 8 matches Rank
category full season Rank The first 7 matches Rank Last 8 matches Rank
to me 490 19 588 The tenth 404 25th
Cmp% 61.3 28 61.2 28 61.6 28
yards / game 209.6 26 245.1 13th 178.5 32
TD% 3.7 23rd 4.1 17 3.2 28
Intelligence 2 twelveth 1.7 seventh 2.7 23rd
evaluation 87.2 22nd 89.5 21 u 84.3 27th
previously 7.3 fourteenth 7.1 18 7.5 VIII
he is 7.1 15th 7.2 15th 7 sixteen
bag% 5.6 twelveth 5.5 twelveth 6 sixteen

Hurts could probably stabilize or undo a movie, but his stats get better to say, hit percentage in high twenties and top 10 yards per game simply by passes taken by AJ Brown and Zach Pascal instead of Jalen Reagor and, well, Nobody else. Rigor has played eight matches in which he has received one pass or less. The fourth most targeted WR last year was Greg Ward, who was dumped only 11 times. It was really that bad.

In such a scenario, there will be people – not just fans but members of the media both local and national – who say he has improved his performance simply because he has improved his production. In their third season, Baker Mayfield improved the passer rating from 31 to 15; And Daniel Jones has improved all his average stats, and we know how it was done.

However, I think Hurts will do even better this season. We’ve already seen him improve from his rookie year into his second; By all accounts in the training camp, he improved the weaknesses; And we know he has the work ethic and mindset to keep improving his game. I would be surprised if we didn’t say several times this season ‘Hurts wouldn’t have been doing this a year ago’. The frequency of how often he does things he wasn’t doing in 2021 in November and December will be the metric.

If we didn’t really talk during the second half of the season about how good Hurts looked because he’s been doing it week after week and we’re used to it, the Eagles ceiling is pretty high.

If we don’t talk about it because it didn’t really show that improvement, the Eagles are shopping for a QB with the six first and second round picks they have over the next two drafts.

And if we’re talking about it because it does so inconsistently, the front office should ask themselves if they want to see what the fourth year of Jalen Hurts brings. Spoiler alert: They won’t.

Kingramrod: Will Fletcher Cox ever get out of his two-year play?

*laughs* Yeah I just got questions from Cooter and Ram Rod.

Fletcher Cox had a subpar year in 2020 by Fletcher Cox standards, but it was still a starting-caliber defensive tackle. However, 2021 was definitely a continuation of that decline. The Eagles know this too, they tried to trade him, and he ended up getting released. And of course in free agency he signed with… the Eagles. It would have been strange and entirely avoidable if the Eagles had not foolishly restructured his contract in 2021 for no reason.

Not only do I have a hard time seeing how Cox bounces back this year, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was his last season in the NFL. His legacy the Eagles is safe, he is a Energy The winner, turns 32 this season. The NFL isn’t kind to players his age, and defensive tackles are no exception. Worryingly, many of his upper-class peers who stopped working at age 31 did so because they were hurt.

Jorel Casey, Gino Atkins and Gerald McCoy have scored at least five goals Pro BowlThen they got injured in their early thirties and never played again. Other good but not great DTs were made or effectively made around Cox’s age. Sheldon Richardson is a free agent at the age of 31, Marcel Darius was out of the league at the age of 30, Dontari Poe was at the age of 31, and Linval Joseph started for two seasons at the age of 32 and 33 for poor defense and is now a free agent.

It’s no surprise that very old men who wrestle with other big men in order to chase guys around them fall apart as they get older.

Not everything is bad! Ndamukong Suh was a starter for all five seasons in his 30s including the Super Bowl winner. Kyle Williams made the Pro Bowl in four of his five full seasons in his 30s. And Aaron Donald remains obsessed with nature.

Could Cox rebound from 2021? I wouldn’t rule it out completely, and we don’t have to stare to see this scenario: Jordan Davis takes a good chunk of his playing time and with fewer shots, Cox is more refreshed and efficient.

Cox is likely to be in a antagonistic position with Hurts. With the revamped roster, it looks like Jonathan Gannon will play 3-4 when he gets the chance. If so, we’ll see Cox play DE against a three-man show as he did under Chip Kelly. These were also two of the least productive seasons, in 2013 he had 3 low sacks in his career and 4 endorsements for a loss and for the only season in his career he did not impose any foul, in 2014 he had 4 sacks and 8 tackles for a loss. He’s also been really good in those seasons and was recognized, making the second team All-Pro in 2014. So while I don’t think that’s going to happen, Fletcher Cox will probably play less and play a different role in half the time, but he’s playing better and he doesn’t have Anything to show on the stats sheet. The Eagles will gladly take it.

Tyler Jackson: Who is the Eagles player most likely to hate about the city and fan base?

Oh my God for you. This is average. the question Does not specify the current eagle So I take advantage of this loophole by looking at a former vulture.

Is it Jason Peters? He signs up with the cowboys. You’ve let everyone down, Jason.

When Terrell Owens signed with the Cowboys, there was an absolute disagreement. Could there be some under the radar here? Peter’s last two seasons with the Eagles did not end on the best of circumstances. In 2019 he signed a one-year contract, then the team drafted Andre Dillard into a last-minute change of direction. In 2020, they again signed him to a one-year contract and asked him to move to the right keeper. I have no inside information that Peters has any kind of grudge against the team, but back-to-back one-year contracts, seeing the team deliberating to draft your own replacement, and demanding to play a new position are components of the grudge.

Unless… Unless he takes a bunch of money and then tanks. Jason Peters: Sleeping Worker will cement his legacy in Philadelphia. Duane Brown signed with the Jets for a guaranteed $9 million after Mekhi Becton was injured. If Peters can get that kind of money from Jerry Jones so it’s not really an improvement, he’s doing some pretty cool work.