The first week of the NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs are ranked everywhere

As far as national power rankings are concerned, the Kansas City Chiefs Enters the 2022 season among the best teams in the league. The only disagreement is exactly where they should rank within that group. As the first week progresses, the Kansas City ranking ranges from second to seventh.

Here’s a sample this week: 7

Is Patrick Mahomes’ Monster Season Coming? The dominant narrative throughout the offseason centered around the Tyreek Hill trade and how that would limit the Kansas City offensive going forward. Which makes sense: Hill is one of the greatest playmakers we’ve ever seen, but you could say the Kansas City offensive was set to move in a new direction (many Chiefs fans agreed after the second half of the game). Asian Championship Game). Do I think Mahomes wishes Hill stayed on his team? surely. But do I also think Mahomes and Andy Reid are enjoying the opportunity to reinvent the attack and unleash a new attack on the enemy this season? Hell yeah, I do.

– Dan Hanzos


Newcomer effect: George Karlavtis, D

The rookie has had a solid pre-season and looks set to make a big contribution in his first season. That’s significant for the Chiefs, who are looking to ignite the rushing passes that were 29th in the league in their sacks last season (31). The notable improvement in this area not only rests with Karlavtis, one of the team’s first-round picks this year, but it needs to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

A player on a hot seat: Clyde Edwards Heller, right-back

Edwards Heller was not in bankruptcy, nor in danger of losing his job at this time, but he didn’t have the impact expected from his first-round enlistment choice. Edwards-Helaire rushed 119 times for 517 yards, gained 19 passes for 129 yards and scored six total touchdowns in 10 games last season. The Chiefs will have to decide on their fifth year option at the end of this season, and add the rookie Ischia Pacheco To the back-set streaming might lead chiefs to reject this option if Edwards Hillier had not produced it.

Adam Teacher

the athlete: 2

The good news: The Chiefs have, at worst, a top-three midfield player, a top-three offensive line, and a top-three offensive scheme. It may be that simple.

The bad news: Kansas City has the toughest schedule in the league. So, even if it looks like the best team in the AFC, any qualifying numbers include the need to win on the road.

to remember: In addition to their challenging schedule, The Chiefs may also face some injury regression after finishing in 2021 as the healthiest team in the league after losing revamped Football Outsiders. This year we’ll discover just how powerful Patrick Mahomes is.

– Bo Wolf 3

They have to get creative to replace Terek Hill in attack, but Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes will make it work just fine. The question is whether the passing dash is good enough

– Briscoe House

Hey ho! Sports: 3

A key player to watch early on is rookie receiver Skyy Moore. He doesn’t look like he’ll be a huge part of attacking early on during pre-season, but his versatility could prove to be a great resource during the season. Coach Andy Reed may have an early plan for the novice, too.

– Frank Schwab

sports news: 2

The Chiefs have had some issues running back, sort the receiver without Tyreek Hill and have some of their defense in transition. But Patrick Mahomes is behind a solid streak that still gives them high ground with Andy Reed and his returning coordinators having the experience to train them through. There is no reason to take The Chiefs off the AFC shortlist.

– Vinnie Ayer

tilt height report: 2

The first power ratings of the season is always the crapshoot. You just don’t really know which teams will be decent and which will not. Despite this, you will have a fairly good idea of ​​which teams will be great and which will be bad. It’s hard to tell the difference between the teams.

I decided to Through the season forecaster Just to decide where I think each team will be. So the ranking below is a literal ranking of the NFL seeding after going through and predicting every game during the 17th week. I re-ranked the teams based on their record from there. We’ll just have to see how the schedule works.

– Tim Lynch

bleeding green nation: 3

Tell me you can’t see the Chiefs as the NFL version of the Warriors. Everyone is kind of sick of how awesome Stephen Curry is that they might have reduced Golden State’s chances of winning another title. Something similar could happen with Patrick Mahomes. While I think the impact of Tyreek Hill’s loss is a concern to watch, the heads may be rolling in anyway. No one will be shocked if they win the Energy this year.

– Brandon Lee Gutton