The incompetent Cleveland Browns got booed, and his leadership deserves a little faith: Doug Lismereses

Cleveland, Ohio – Andrew Perry-era owner Kevin Stefansky Cleveland’s reputation for competence they may no longer deserve.

The feud between Baker Mayfield and Adele Beckham Jr. has captured a great deal of attraction for Browna year ago. They’re both gone, and Sunday, Perry’s roster and Stefansky’s team completely collapsed into an unforgivably embarrassing situation. 31-30 loss to New York Jets And a 37-year-old reserve quarterback.

The Browns fought the playoffs in 2020 in the first year of the Berry-Stefanski group. It was great. I did well.

But what makes us think the last two seasons are that they’re so good at it? Deshaun Watson’s trade and the crowd pressure it brought was based on the idea of ​​an elite midfielder on the field getting a squad ready to win the top.

guess what? Brown’s quarterback Jacobi Brisset played well on Sunday in his second of 11 games to replace suspended Watson. The rest of the list and the technical staff won a certain victory and threw him into the lake.

The Jets’ rookie receiver, Ohio State’s Jarrett Wilson, whom Brown might have traded if they hadn’t dealt with their first-round pick as part of Watson’s trade, caught the game-winning touchdown. Wilson also made his first touchdown in the game by smoking cornerback Martin Emerson Jr., the first Browns drafted in 2022.

One third-round pick from the Browns, receiver David Bell, had one catch for 6 yards. Their fourth player, defensive prankster, Perion Winfrey, initially cheered as a talented, intelligent grabber, was off the bench for not acting like a pro. The third recipient last year, Anthony Schwartz, did nothing.

David Njoku, the tight end awarded a massive new contract by Perry, couldn’t get his foot in the limits on one near the touchdown and killed an engine in the third quarter with the drop wide open. And Grant Delpit, runner-up in Berry’s first draft of 2020, was playing like a statue in safety on the 66-yard runway that kept the Jets alive.

Sure, Perry brought in some good players. We talk about it a lot. He was also awarded Nick Chubb and Karim Hunt, the engines of this team. With Greedy Williams out and Jadeveon Clowney injured late, the Browns weren’t at full steam. But this was the easiest game in their 17-game schedule and the Jets midfielder was too Joe Flaccowhich has been at least five years since the New Year.

If you thought this was too difficult after one loss, the Browns brought it on themselves. The lovable to try, feel happy, and cuddly brown has been pushed aside with the Watson trade. It was all cool, calculating, and now profitable football. This is all working now. It is results or not.

In the world they created, Brown on Sunday failed miserably.

I think legitimate questions remain about Stefanski as dressing room manager the way the Beckham-Mayfield scenario unfolded last season. The two players deserve the blame too, but they are gone. The coach who couldn’t handle either of them stays. It’s his culture that this 13-point disintegration lives in.

The Ravens collapsed Sunday as well, taking a 21-point lead to enter the fourth quarter in a loss to Miami. Baltimore coach John Harpo should return to his desk, polish his Lombardi Trophy, and reflect on his failures. The Steelers are looking a little rough, and after a 1-1 start, Mike Tomlin must find ways to make sure he avoids his first losing season in 16 years as head coach. The Bengals might be bad. I’m going to make back-to-back Super Bowl trips difficult.

Teams and coaches fail on Sunday. Those with track records that allow faith to stay in them. If these brownies think they have reached this point, they are wrong.

Which brings us to Miles Garrett’s attitude of the crowd at FirstEnergy booing Browns off the field after they completely misjudged their assured victory. He was asked if the meltdown was more disappointing because it happened in front of an excited crowd at home.

“The most frustrating thing was the boos at the end,” Garrett said. “It’s not the optimal finish we want. Of course we want to win. … Guys are still putting (their butts) on the line, playing as hard as they can, and that has to be respected as such.”

This is very retarded. Browns fans are putting their butts on the line, especially after this season, and they should be respected by a team that plays 60 minutes instead of 58 minutes. -0.

To be clear, the most frustrating thing is the players getting paid to play and the coach’s complete failure to take on an inferior opponent when it matters most.

Defensive coordinator Joe Woods is in trouble, with a glaring misunderstanding creating huge problems for the Browns in consecutive weeks. But it works as Perry and Stefansky desire.

Last season, the Ohio State defense failed in Week 2, and defensive coordinator Kerry Combs was demoted and left at the end of the year. Woods is in his third year, coaching a lot of defenders who turn out and fail tests.

What will Perry and Stefansky do about it? What will Stefansky do to rally this team in Thursday night’s game against Pittsburgh? What evidence is there in this 1-1 start, with a Watson cloud hovering over it all, booing Browns fans have to believe?

The Browns took the risk of a quarterback because they thought everything else was in place. Sunday showed that this is not true.

Disappointed at the boos? Excuse me. The browns’ all-in-one, now-winner, was the disappointment. They have to get the cheers back in professional football. Fans should be respected as such.

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