The leaky shark jersey concept kicks off a new era in San Jose

The San Jose Sharks They recently fell victim to the T-shirt concept leak. Sheng Bing, In a post on San Jose Hockey NowHe explained that the team is looking at a new shirt design that would either launch in 2022-23 or 2023-24. Although not initially confirmed, the rumor was confirmed by beauty experts, who stated that the Sharks may be looking to use their new designs next year due to shipping delays and other factors.

For many fans, the idea of ​​changing the iconic appearance of the sharks is shocking. Because of their simple and lovable design, their t-shirts have been endlessly praised. However, this isn’t the first time sharks have undergone a jersey swap. In fact, the decision to change their appearance may be the beginning of a new era in San Jose.

Sharks jersey changes over the years

While the Sharks have rocked many different shirt designs throughout the history of their franchise, it all started with the 1991-92 opening season design. This shirt was later revived in 2015-16 and 2020-21 as a special jersey to celebrate the team’s 25th and 35th anniversary in San Jose. Although it was likable, it failed to reach the semi-iconic status that their next design earned.

San Jose Sharks Retro Jersey (NHL/adidas)

In 1997, the Sharks introduced a T-shirt that became instantly associated with Patrick Marlowe And the Joe Thornton era. The sleek look became an instant classic, as the team cemented its place in hockey history. However, despite the club’s success, they never found their way into the Stanley Cup, which led to a full rebranding which included changing the Shark logo very slightly.

Although sharks have changed their appearance several times, their design has remained relatively consistent. A teal base coupled with some orange and black stripes on the sleeves has been its main concept from 2007 to the present day. However, while the shirts remained the same, the team’s performance did not change. As a result, it looks like there will be another new design ready for launch soon.

New Jersey Sharks are looking to change the formula

The proposed look of the new Sharks shirt has been slightly reinvented. While the new “completely teal” look isn’t off the beaten track, new helmets, pants, and gloves are what really tie the knot. The design is completely teal, right down to the last part of the design. Some black streaks still remain, but the old orange is noticeably absent.

The change in the design of the new shirt significantly represents the direction the sharks are heading in their new era. Old faces like Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski and Burns has left the teamThe core of management has been rebuilt from the ground up. The league also looks a lot different now than it did when the Sharks were contending for the cup. Now, at best, the team is running away from hope.

It appears that the new General Manager Mike Greer and the heads of the system are starting to look to the future rather than a return to the past. For a team that has always been so close to the championship, that can be tough. Dealing with the fact that the team is no longer the same is sad, but a change that is necessary to make real progress.

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When you finally see these ice jerseys, the way the team wearing them is likely to indicate how long they’ve been on. They can fully embrace change, or it can crumble and burn. However, even if they don’t stay forever, seeing sharks make little change after so long is refreshing. Perhaps it will help the team find a new identity. We’ll find out for sure when the season opens against the Nashville Predators on Friday, October 7.