The Patriots Center says QB Mac Jones has one flaw

David Andrews cut the ball to Mac Jones Almost every play from the previous Alabama A quarterback’s career in the NFL, and the New England Patriots Center noticed one problem with the caller signal.

“He has one mysterious flaw – going to Alabama,” Andrews said Friday. “But that’s about it.”

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Andrews is a Georgia graduate and enjoyed the Bulldogs’ No. 1 ranking in last week’s AP poll and victory over Alabama in the CFP National Championship game last season, particularly with former Crimson Tide players Jones, Christian Barmore, Damien Harris, Anverney Jennings and Mac Wilson in List of New Englanders active with him.

Andrews said he knew it was hard for Alabama alumni not to be #1 because he knows what the feeling is.

“It must be difficult for them,” Andrews said. “It’s been tough on me for many years, so I’m sure they can handle it.”

Other than the “flaw” of Jones, Andrews believes a lot in the sophomore quarterback.

“He’s done a great job since coming here, showing a lot of maturity as a quarterback,” Andrews said. “This is how things work in this league with the midfielders. They are quarterbacks. He is a great guy. … I love working with him every day and seeing him grow every day and every week in his career.”

Andrews will pounce on Jones when the Patriots play with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. For a brief period this week, there was uncertainty about Jones’ availability. Quarterback knocked out of the season opener 7-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins Back ache, He missed practice on Thursday with a stomach ailment. But Jones is set to be in the lineup against the Steelers.

“It shows a great deal of maturity, a lot of toughness,” Andrews said. “I think you’re talking about toughness in football, and that’s tough as a quarterback. What should a quarterback do? They sit there and throw the ball. But things like that, where they can show their strength, their mental toughness, and I think he’s done a great job in his career, And I think that’s something he can give our team and he’s doing a great job at that.”

Jones said He thought his back was hurt when he was blown high and low by the Miami passers at the same time. Jones had thrown the football on that play, and the dolphins were punished for threatening the fairway. But Miami sacked Jones twice as well, and in one of them, he forced a confusion that got Melvin Ingram back from Miami and climbed 2 yards into the end zone for a touchdown.

“I need to do a better job of communicating things,” Andrews said New England offensive line. “We just have to be better and do our jobs.”

The Patriots and Steelers meet at midnight on Sunday at Acresor Stadium in Pittsburgh.

“It’s a great environment,” Andrews said. “I grew up watching a lot of these games, Pittsburgh and the Patriots, and what a wonderful city football can be playing there. Early in my career, we played with them a lot in super competitive games. Great fan base. Obviously, one of the most historic franchises in League. It’s a great franchise about how they do things, how they build them, so there’s a lot of respect for them and the atmosphere. It’s what you dream about — to play in the NFL to play in games like this, especially on a beautiful afternoon.”

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Mark Enabinet is a sports reporter for the Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter at Hahahaha.