The Patriots face two opponents this week: the Heat and the Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (AFP) – On Sunday, New Englanders play Miami’s dolphins.

Before that, the Patriots will face the Miami heat.

Soaring temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s are expected around Foxboro, Massachusetts, for the next few days — and the way Patriots coach Bill Belichick sees them, these may not be the best weather conditions to prepare his team for the excitement that awaits them in South Florida on Sunday when New England and Miami start the regular season.

So the Patriots fly south on Tuesday, and practice this week in Palm Beach County, an hour or so from the dolphin facilities. The sweltering temperatures out there this week are hitting the low 90s every day, and the game-day predictions demand more of the same — low 90s, plenty of humidity, and in terms of choosing your Belichick’s favorite sidewear, jackets may not be the ideal choice.

“They’re way better than the SPF,” Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said.