The probability of penguins suffering a traumatic injury to the neck

During the second period of a match between SKA-Neva and Dinamo St. Petersburg in the second Russian League in 2021 Pittsburgh penguins Kirill Tankov was pulled out of the ice after hitting his head against the plates for the first time.

Tankov was pushing hard into the corner to recover the disc when he was illegally checked from behind by Dynamo defender Artyom Maltsev. Tankov instantly crashed onto the ice as he stayed for several minutes while the medical staff was under care.

Maltsev was assessed a penalty for the dirty check and expelled from the game. Reports from Russia say he was suspended for a total of three matches as a penalty for a blow that drove Tankov ice into his neck brace.

In the meantime, Tankov is expected to miss the rest of the season after sustaining a serious injury to his neck area. Early indications are that he fractured a vertebra in his neck, but the extent of the injury is not fully known.

Taylor Haas, Penguins reporter for DK Pittsburgh Sports He was following the incident as it happened and tweeted updates as they arrived and provided an article with all the details known at the time.

For Haase:

SKA-Neva coach Alexander Titov didn’t have much update on Tankov after the match other than saying he was taken to hospital.

“An alarming situation,” Titov said. “Let’s hope everything is fine. The player was taken to hospital for examination and put a splint on his neck. He hit his head on the board, and there was a push from a dynamo player. We didn’t watch the video, but the push was clear from the bench. Officials watched the video for a reason I hope this injury is not so terrible and severe.”

Russian national sports broadcaster Match TV reported Monday night that Tankov has fractured a cervical vertebra (likely a C5 vertebra, according to the report) and is likely to be operated on for this season.

As told in Taylor’s story, the injury is believed to have occurred in the C5 vertebra which is in the neck and forms part of the cervical spinal cord. This is one of the worst areas of the spinal cord for injury due to its proximity to the central nervous system.

If you’re interested in learning more about a suspected Tankov injury and what recovery might entail, the video below does a good job explaining everything that could be involved with a damaged C5 vertebra.

After he was taken off the ice, Tankov was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. As is often the case with this type of injury, Tankov underwent surgery to repair any damage to his vertebrae.

On Tuesday, the team reported that his surgery was successful but there is currently no timetable for his return to action. At the very least, Tankov is expected to be out for the remainder of the 2022-23 season.

Look for this type of injury It produced varying recovery time schedules, mostly dependent on the severity of the neck and spinal cord injury. The worst case scenario is irreversible damage to the spine that could end Tankov’s career and change his life forever.

On a more positive note, if the injury is limited to just the vertebrae and surgery is successful as the team reported, Tankov should make a full recovery through rest and physical therapy, although it will still be a long way back.

While Tankov is still developing in its native Russia and likely still some time away from coming to North America, it is still Our annual ‘Top 25 Under 25’ list has been loweredIt debuted on the list at number 21 this season.

What this means for Tankov’s future with the Penguins will not be known for some time and is far from important at this time. Now the young striker must focus on his recovery and the next steps will play out as you will.

This is a very unfortunate situation that could easily have been avoided and now a young promising hockey player has seen his whole world turned upside down by pointless, dangerous and unnecessary play.

We all wish Kirill the best and hope to see him healthy and back on the ice doing what he loves in the future.