The top 10 bettors keep climbing from the bottom

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The Big Ten will soon extend to the West Coast with UCLA and USC, after completing a seismic expansion this summer.

On the fourth landing, the footprint extends much wider than that.

Half of the 14 league programs this season have a core gambler produced by Prokick Australia, the development academy from Down Under that supplies a major college football team with game-ready special teams at an impressive rate.

For Purdue (Jack Ansel), Minnesota (Mark Crawford), Indiana (James Evans), Rutgers (Adam Korsak), Ohio State (Jesse Mirko), Illinois (Hugh Robertson) and Iowa (Tori Taylor), accent drip comes thick and, Well, a few worries, my friend.

Evans from New Zealand. Others are Australian, as is Corsack’s understudy student, Flynn Appleby. Scarlet Knights player Judd McAtamney is another former Brooke School pupil from Ireland.

“We all know each other and give each other a lip now and then,” said Crawford, a third-year native from Perth with the Gopher family.