The top five red wings on the list

The Detroit Red Wings have aggressively added talent to their roster this holiday season. She cited one of their biggest hubs since General Manager Steve Zerman took over. While no one will make any guarantees or promises about how the team will perform, this will likely be Detroit’s first real shot on the playing field.

So, with all these changes, and with a new season approaching, who are the best red wings on the list?

In no particular order, DHN presents the case.

Moritz Cider

He is perhaps the first defenseman to be mentioned as heir to the great Niklas Liedstrom, cedar He went out and won the Calder Cup and established himself as a rising star in the league.

Day and night, Ceder faced the best player in the league, and he went toe-to-toe with all of them. His desire to never give up on any player in the league made him instantly likable to the fan base.

Simply put, Cider is the backbone of Laserman’s rebuilding efforts. The strong blue streak is the foundation of the championship team. Just ask Colorado and Tampa Bay. Laserman chose a cider hoping to be a brick in the process.

It was that and more. Cedar is the basis.

Lucas Raymond

The second building block is Raymond, who went in and out of training camp on the Red Wings’ opening evening roster. He was a big part of Detroit’s early surge, and although he slowed down as the season went on, his value to the team was clear from the start. Detroit accounts for 23 goals, 57 points, and has the second key piece – he’s barely 20 years old.

Dylan Larkin

Arguably the heart and soul of the Red Wings, Larkin bounced back with a vengeance after being written off by some fans and analysts. With 69 points in 71 games, Larkin scored 31 goals, breaking the 30-goal threshold for the second time in his career. Playing the final season of his expiring $6.1 million AAV contract, Larkin is set to receive a huge raise.

With each passing day, with no extension announced, the rumor mill will likely join other elite players’ names as deals expire. It’s guesswork that at this point and beyond, Yzerman knows Larkin’s value to the organization.

Tyler Bertozzi

The rumors swirling around Bertozzi seem to have more legs but all bets are off until the start of the season. Regardless, Bertozzi’s value to the team is clear.

In the second round in 2011, Bertozzi scored 20 or more goals three times in four seasons. During the 2021 season, Bertozzi scored five goals in nine matches, but a back injury halted the rest of the season for him. The brave striker hit 30 goals in the 2021-22 season, revealing that AAV’s $4.5 million deal was a bargain for production.

Now, another high-score season guarantees a big win for the striker. But will it come from Detroit or the open market? Unlike Larkin, it is not certain that he will remain a red winger if the previous rumors are to be believed.

Jacob Franna

Red Wings fans have been wondering for two seasons what Crowe Could do with an entire season in Detroit. Towards the end of the 2021 season, Frana scored eight goals in 11 matches. After recovering from injury in the middle of the 2021-22 season, Vrana responded with 13 goals in 26 matches. Vrana has a nose on the net, and it seems that he has played at least 70 games for Vrana in scoring 30 goals.

Combine it with the likes of David Perron, Andrew Copp, Larkin, Bertuzzi and Raymond. Suddenly, the Red Wings had their top six players.

Not to mention, a healthy Franna in the top six allows Detroit to use Pius Sutter, Philip Zadina and Michael Ramossen in the lower rankings. This provides an opportunity to freeze the strongest bottom six. Then again, Zadina and Frana might end up in line.

Draw it anywhere you want – Franna makes Detroit a much better team.

Honorable Red Wings: Alex Nedelijkovic

It takes a team to win, and reducing it to five wasn’t easy. However, the Red Wings are a much better team with the above five. But there should at least be an honorable mention of Alex Nedelijkovic.

There were a few times in 2021-22 where he excelled despite not providing a goal support team. Beyond that, the defensive corps wasn’t on the same level that Nedelkovic had seen in the Carolinas.

This year could be the year he takes him into this category with more talent ahead of him. Returns should be encouraging.

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