Thiao identifies his main strengths and gives background information on his arrival in Milan

Malik Thiau, the new player at Milan, has revealed some of the strengths he thinks he will bring to the team and explained how his adaptation is going so far.

Thiao’s arrival was something that seemed to be over and dust permeated within hours of news of a deal that first broke out after Milan’s match against Bologna last weekend.

Stefano Pioli shared his thoughts At the center of defense at the time, Thiao then arrived in Italy before undergoing medical tests and signing his contract with the club the day before the transfer window closed.

Today was the day Thiao was unveiled at a press conference in Milanello during which he spoke about the feeling of being a Milan player and the confidence of Paolo Maldini, having conveyed his comments before. Milan News.

When you were young and as a player, how did you view Milan?

“I started playing very early in the street, football is my passion and I made it a profession. Being here gives me great happiness, personal pride and honour.”

What are your goals for this season?

“I always set myself goals, I am ambitious. Being here is already a great result, but I want to keep growing. I know I have the best coaches here, my excellent teammates to improve in every training session, learn the local culture and play more matches as possible.”

What kind of defender are you?

“I think I’m a strong player: I’m good at tackles, in aerial fencing, at moving the ball and I have the physique that helps me.”

What kind of defender are you?

“I think I’m a strong player. I’m good at interfering, in aerial fencing, in moving the ball and I have the physique that helps me.”

In front of you is the logo of the defenders Paolo Maldini…

“He is a great icon. Milan have always had excellent defenders like Maldini and Nesta; at that time I was not a defender and I also followed Ronaldinho and Kaka, but in recent years I have followed many Serie A matches and know them very well”.

I bought Milan directly for you, is this an important sign of confidence in you?

“I want to express my thanks for the formula: I am very grateful for the five-year contract. But it is only the beginning: I have to prove my wall in every match, but the contract is already a sign of recognition for me.”

Is there a teammate you’ve bonded with more since you arrived?

“They are all excellent teammates, with my English I manage very well and there is Kjaer who speaks German.”

How do you find it with Pioli?

“For me everything is new. It’s intense training sessions, not very long, but full of tactics. I’ve only been here recently, but I’ve learned a lot already; it’s different from what happens in Germany, here I can learn a lot.”

Do you have a reason for Pioli to include you in the Champions League squad in the future?

“I think it is not enough to find a compelling reason, but to present a complete quality package that I will try to show off. I will try to show aggressiveness, my strength, and put myself at the service of the team to try to convince the coach to join me, from January, on the list.”

Milan followed him and tried to score you even before the summer transfer window…

“It’s a beautiful affirmation. There were already meetings in the winter that were not successful for various reasons, and then further phone calls … I see it as confirmation of the good things I did on the pitch and in training with Schalke 04.”

On Saturday I went to the San Siro for the derby. What impression did you get?

“I played for the first time at the San Siro against the worst opponent in a match that has tremendous value. It was a tough experience, in a stadium that ran out of everything… Without detracting from the Schalke 04 fans it was a great experience for me. It was a good omen because we played so well in Derby.”

Can you tell us exactly how your surname is pronounced?

“My family name is said in Italian ‘ciao’, but my colleagues call me Malik.”