Ticket Agent Chat: 2022-23 Updates Fans Should Know

New Yorkers and their fan base are preparing for the start of a special season. Not only is it their second year at the UBS Arena, it should be a little smoother than 2021-22, but it will also celebrate their 50th season in the National Hockey League.

our Stephen Rosner I spoke with a New York Islanders ticket representative to discuss the changes and updates fans should know ahead of the 2022-23 season:

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary

Although there is no news of official promotions that will take place throughout the 2022-23 season, there will be a focus on the graduates.

“We are going to be focusing very much on the alumni this year,” the ticket rep said. “And we will treat every match like a little party in itself. You will see the 50th Anniversary logo sticker everywhere.”

Last season, the season in which the New York Islanders lost a handful of greats, the islanders suffered Graduate Weekend Towards the end of the season to honor any player who played in the organization as well as remember lives lost.

Former Director of the New York Islanders Network and current President of the NHL Alumni Association Glenn Healy He met Shannon Hogan over his alumni weekend to chat about the importance of honoring the past.

“I think the important thing, as I represent the NHL alumni as a group, is all 3800, but the key is to honor the past. And when I look at this beautiful building, this is my first time in it, I look at the players who played in the 80s, who won 19 playoffs A streak, a record that will never be defeated, these guys are paving the roads guys like me drive.” Healy said “The new guys playing today have great hopes and great visions and maybe the Stanley Cup is coming up in this building. So we have to keep honoring the past.

Owners Scott Malkin and John Ledecky understand the importance, and one might think there are many more events planned during the upcoming festive season for half a century.

train updates

New York Islanders fans, those who have gone, used to ride trains to games during the team’s tenure in Brooklyn at Barclays Center. While the trains may not be ideal for many fans who are used to loving the tail outside the Nassau Coliseum (illegal, don’t talk about it), there are updates coming on that front.

“Yes, there is a lot of news coming at the end of September but it is [train line] It will be ready, heading east and west on the Hempstead Line. “

People on the Babylon line will have to transfer to a train on the Hempstead Line, or they can do the usual transfer in Jamaica.

Parking updates

During the garage construction last season, New York Islanders fans had quite a few parking options. But due to the traffic near Hempstead, as well as the lines to find parking, whether it’s the Southern District, Emerald Lotte or other options, it was chaotic.

However, the parking garage is up and running, and so far the reviews have been good.

“The parking garage is ready. We’ve already worked on a lot of concerts so far. We’ve heard great reviews about it so far,” the ticket rep shared. “Behind the garage, the south lot is being demolished. It will be transformed into a retail village.”

The lighthouse project that the previous owner, the late Charles Wang attempted to build in Uniondale around Nassau Coliseum, appears to be taking place in Belmont. There is no timetable yet for when the retail village will be completed.

As for the parking concern with the Southern Lot gone, that was only in place due to the parking garage not being finished in time for the start of the 2021-22 season. It was never an option for long term parking.

Now, parking garages can be very challenging, especially when fans are trying to leave the game. But this parking garage has great features.

Three entrances and three exits. It is high technology. Apparently, there will be things on your phone, like you can track where your car is [is]You can see where the open spaces are.”

Understanding ticket price increases, ticket plans

After the lackluster 2021-22 campaign for New Yorkers, prices for season tickets and game-by-game tickets have gone up quite a bit. With no “upgrades” for the team, many fans were frustrated with the costs and shared their discontent on social media.

“I mean, we’ve done really well in terms of renewal rates. So the street rumor that we don’t renew people, we have a bad renewal rate is not true. We did very well,” the ticket rep said. wants to hear it, [but] inflation. We have to live… and just because you have a bad season doesn’t mean you can necessarily lower ticket prices.”

Right now New York Islanders tickets are on sale, whether you’re a fan still interested in full season memberships, half season memberships, group sales, and more.

Also, there is a new update on how to buy wing tickets.

“We sell everything, full season memberships, half season memberships, quarter memberships. Group tickets are available for all games, including pre-season,” the ticket rep said. “And after that, we also sell with individual game group rentals.”

“People can go online and focus on their groups themselves. They don’t even need to invite the team. Obviously we like that as a delegate because we make the commission, but they can actually go online and book the suite themselves.”

For the suites, there are three different ticket packages, either eight, sixteen or twenty tickets. The first two packages come with soft drinks and food. Twenty does not come with anything, but you can buy.

Go to the islanders game with a group

If you don’t want to rent a group for a game, there are also group deals that have some great perks, depending on what your group has in common.

“Yeah, I mean, when they deal with the rep, ask them to ask the rep about it [perks] Because there are beer packages and scoreboard messages. “There’s a picture on the ice, the 50th anniversary hat,” said the ticket rep. “There’s a whole bunch of things that can kind of customize the group and you don’t really even need that many tickets.”

“You know, 10 is the minimum to get a beer can and a 50th anniversary hat and a color guard if you want to do that. And then obviously, you know, the more tickets you get, you can do some other experiments like post-game photo Or ice skating.”

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