Tin Hag’s Surprising Journey to See Manchester United’s Under-21 Team – And What He Learned

Eric Ten Hag made a surprise viewing appearance Manchester Unitedplay under 21 West Ham Friday night and I got a glimpse into the future.

Only returned from Moldova – where he led the first team to 2-0 European League The win over Sheriff – In the early hours of Friday morning, Ten Hag was in attendance at J Davidson Stadium in Altrincham.

He was joined by Mitchell van der Gag, his assistant, technical director Darren Fletcher, and Andy Opwell, the club’s deputy director of football.

Mark Dempsey and his group of United youths were unaware of the first-team coach’s plans to attend their Premier League match 2, which ended in a 1-1 draw – the fourth in a row.

“It shows he cares and is motivating for the boys and their supporters,” Dempsey said. the athlete. “I think it’s really encouraging for everyone involved that he’s here with his crew. It sends a positive vibe.

“I think one or two of our players got injured if I’m being honest, but it’s good that he comes and meets us and that’s healthy for everyone at the football club.”

Ten Hag and his staff met Academy Director Nick Cox, Dempsey and Travis Binion on Monday – two weeks after initially scheduled to meet – to discuss the under-21 talent pool and make plans for the future.

Dempsey added: “He’s shown an unwavering interest in what we’re doing and it’s great for us that he’s doing that because at a lot of football clubs, the academy is the academy and the first team is the first team.”

For the players who took part in Friday night’s draw, the presence of Ten Hag will serve as evidence that the former Ajax coach is interested in tracking their progress.

“The manager will decide and he will look at them and make up his mind,” Dempsey said when asked who’s knocking on the first team’s door. “It’s a big leap from that level and we have a young group so it’s a bigger leap. But you never knew.

“If they are good enough, I am sure he will put them because he has done that before at Ajax. They are not afraid to involve the young players.”

over here, the athlete Highlights of the players who may have caught Tin Hag’s eye against West Ham…

Kobe Mino

At 17, Maino is already playing with a maturity beyond his relative inexperience.

The midfielder has all the raw qualities needed to be a force in the center of the field and comfortable in possession and off.

In the first half against West Ham, Maino set the tone in the early stages, always looking to receive the ball, and proved to be a threat in the penalty area. One of his shots flew off the goal, but the second was a half ball that forced the goalkeeper Krisztian Hegyi in saving.

Maino has already trained under Tin Hag (Photo: Jon Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

The 17-year-old has already trained with Ten Hag and the first team on several occasions this season and has been named to Neil Young. England The under-18 team for their upcoming matches against HollandFaroe Islands and Belgium.

His status as one of the club’s young prodigies continues to grow and he has already earned acclaim from fans, who have admired his performances in recent months.

Charlie Savage

The 19-year-old was out at halftime as he is due to train with the first team today, but showed a willingness to seize the ball and try to control the tempo of the match.

Savage appears to be a magnet for space on the pitch, often moving into empty pockets, trying to influence the game from a deep position.

Dempsey admitted it was a quieter game than usual from the midfielder, although his desire to make himself available to his teammates has not waned.

Savage joined the first team on their preliminary trips to Thailand and Australia, so Tin Hag would know all about his potential, continued training sporadically and starting with the Dutch coach’s squad.

Charlie McNeill

McNeil has been training with the first team for the past two weeks and has been part of Tin Hag’s squad for their Europa League trip to take on Sharif.

Although United failed to show a fierce streak in front of goal against West Ham and the 19-year-old was often isolated in attack, he continued to work hard away from possession.

“I asked him about 15 minutes ago to go if he was OK and he said he wanted to stay, which is impressive,” Dempsey said. the athlete When asked about the teenager’s desire to play despite his return from Moldova.

“He’s made good runs and he’s working hard. At one time he was a top scorer, now he knows he has to do more when he doesn’t have the ball and doesn’t stick it in the back net.”

McNeil made his first team bow to Real Sociedad in the Europa League and Dempsey hopes it will be a springboard for the teenager to “run” and continue his upward trajectory.

Omari Forson

Forsson concluded a memorable day, which began with his inclusion in England’s Under-19 squad and ended with the 18-year-old scoring the equalizer for United against West Ham against Ten Hag.

He deserved it (the summons), Dempsey said. “It was great.”

While most of the players in the United shirt had a quieter evening than they would have liked, Forson improved in the game and raised his work rate in the second half as the United youth looked for an equaliser.

The creative midfielder, in Dempsey’s opinion, was not at his best against West Ham, but he made it to the penalty area in time to enter from close range and earn his team a point.

“He scored his goal and you can’t be a better player every week,” said the under-21 coach.

Dempsey has already seen an improvement in players who have trained with Tin Hag and the first team team in recent weeks and he wants this to continue throughout the season.

The fact that Ten Hag showed up without warning on Friday night to watch Dempsey’s team in action should instill his young team with the belief that there is a path open for them to advance to the first level.

(Top image: John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)