Toronto Maple Leafs predictions for 2022-23

As part of’s 32 on 32 series, the Fantasy Hockey Team identifies relevant players from the Toronto Maple Leafs. For more coverage, visit and subscribe for free to the “NHL Fantasy on Ice” podcast.

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Notes: These fictional projections (for an 82-game season), a collaborative effort by Pete Jensen, Anna Dua and freelance reporter Jonathan Barron, are measured based on factors including but not limited to previous regular season and Stanley Cup performances, expected streak combinations, force use, positions Goalkeeper, injury or anxiety record, sleepy ascent, expected regression or rebound run, age, contract status and overall rise for this season. The totals below are safe estimates and do not necessarily refer to the ceiling or floor of each player and should be used as a basis for decision making in all fantasy leagues. The players are listed below in’s top 250 rankings.

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Auston Matthewsc – The Toronto Maple Leafs center led the National Hockey League with its highest levels of goals scored (60) and shots on target (348) last season, and also had the highest total points (106 in 73 games; tied for sixth place in the league), assists ( 46) and strengths (29). Matthews, the first NHL player to score 60 goals in a single season since Stephen Stamkos From the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2011-12, he scored at least 40 goals in three consecutive seasons with 19 more goals (148 in 195 games since 2019-20) than any other player in that period. He is third in the fantasy rankings behind Edmonton Oilers Conor McDavid And the Leon Drystel. drop for Matthews: 110

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Mitchell MarnerRW – He finished 10th in the National Hockey League in points (97 points in 72 games) last season, scored his highest goals (35) and led the Maple Leafs in assists (62). Matthews and Marner tied for fourth-best pair of points in the NHL (49 team matches each with a point).

Marner, who was also second in Toronto in plus/minus (plus 23; behind linemate Michael Bantingplus 27), he should be considered a top five right winger, a top 20 player overall, and a top 15 pick in most goalkeepers’ tournaments.

Marner’s Drop: .99

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Morgan RileyDr — He had 58 assists in the National Hockey League last season and tied for sixth place in the league among defenders in points (68). Riley was one of 15 defensive players to have played in all 82 games, being exposed to Matthews, Marner and the valuable midfielder. John Tavares He has a strong showing in Toronto (he led the NHL with a conversion rate of 27.3 percent last season) and should be considered a top 10 choice for a fictional defensive man and a top 60 player overall. drop for Rielly: 56

William NylanderLW / RW – He led the Maple Leafs in strengths (NHL highest 31; tied for 13th in the league) last season, and also had the highest total in goals (34), assists (46), points (80) and shots on goal ( 256). Nylander is also quietly better by points per game (15 in 14 games) over the last two Stanley Cup games combined and should be considered a top 75 fantasy player. Drop for Nylander: .84

John Tavares, C – He was one of 20 NHL players with at least 25 goals (27), 75 points (76 in 79 games), 25 power points (26) and 230 shots on target (237) to play mostly on the second streak with Nylander. Tavares should be considered a fictional top 25 and top 75 overall with a top six first-placed and first solid playing point offense that ranked second in goals-per-game (3.80) behind the Florida Panthers (4.11) last season. points drop for Tavares: 70

Other TOR players to consider in fiction: Michael Banting, L.W.; Matt MurrayG; Ilya SamsonovG; Mark GiordanoDr; Alexandre KervotLW / RW

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