Tottenham 2-0 Marseille: Richarlison double gives Spurs home win in the Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur They got 2022-23 Champions League They had a great start to the season with a 2-0 win over Olympique de Marseille at Tottenham Hotspur. Although Spurs were (too) slow to get off the ground, the match was turned on its head after Chancel Mbemba was sent off for a save-of-chance interference on Son Heung-min. Brazilian striker Richarlison scored a double in the second half, both with a header from beautiful balls inside the penalty area, and Tottenham got the full three points. The final score was 2-0.

There is a lot to talk about from this match. Was it a good win? yes! Was it good match? Errrrrrrrrr… The outcome had a sense of inevitability about it, but the outcome seemed far from inevitable. Marseille prepared to frustrate and were mostly successful in that, while Spurs struggled with some tired legs and some frustrating performances for much of the match, including the entire first half.

Here are my match notes from this performance.

quick feedback

  • That was a good win, but it wasn’t a really good match. For most of the match, Spurs again seemed bereft of creativity or passing, especially through midfield. Things really changed after the first goal, which is probably the real result from this match.
  • Marseille started pressing with high power, and quickly grabbed the ball, but didn’t create much in all that time on the ball. Spurs seemed content to let them do it, as if they were inviting them to run into a brick wall over and over in order to exhaust themselves.
  • The first half is very boring and full. The midfield wasn’t doing well in the first half hour, lots of bad touches and stray passes for the counterattack to not break through.
  • Eric Dier seemed to be operating in some sort of strange free defensive role for part of the first half, as Hogberg fell into the backline to cover. It was weird, but maybe it was just tactical.
  • A few good chances near the end of the first half, none better than Harry’s shot to the far post. Pau Lopez had the wrong foot.
  • I loved Kulusevski’s sub-royal – when you’re a player in a game where you don’t make much, take off a defender! Go for it! And I’d like to see more Deki at right-back, that was fun.
  • I almost didn’t like Tanganga/Davies for Lenglet/Romero submarines. I had a big game on Saturday, but it didn’t look like a goal-creating target (although Spurs scored right after that).
  • Richarlison, my God. O Pombo really came in when he scored two exceptional headed goals, one from a cross from Perisic and the other from an excellent ball from Hojbjerg. Pro Pro Pro Pro
  • Marseille really opened up after the first goal went in which really put a point that they were almost trying to dodge the match and try to escape with a point.
  • The son obviously had the jokes, but he won us the match by earning a red card in the break. But at what point do we begin to worry?
  • Matt Doherty live!!
  • The defense was good again in this game, but I think this was Harry Kane’s worst game of the season. He can’t keep playing for 90 minutes, and Conte will have to find a way to get some rest or his legs will fall off.
  • It’s great to see Tottenham booing all the former Arsenal players every time they touch the ball. It really felt old, like the really old times when Arsenal were in the Champions League.
  • Sporting easily beat Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0 in another Group D match, so this makes for a really exciting and important trip to Lisbon next Tuesday. Get points there, spurs are very preferred to escape from this group.
  • Let’s all laugh at Liverpool.