Trubisky starts QB, rookie Beckett backup for the Steelers

PITTSBURGH (AFP) – Mitch Trubesky, Kenny Beckett and Mason Rudolph impressed Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin during pre-season with precision each.

If only the same could be said for whoever put together the team’s initial depth chart for 2022.

While Tomlin announced Trubisky as the rookie on Tuesday — a telegraph move the day before when Trubisky’s colleagues voted him one of five captains for 2022 and the depth chart put Trubisky’s name on top — it will be Beckett, not Rudolph, who will serve as Trubisky. Reserved on Sunday when the Steelers opened against the defending AFC champion Cincinnati.

A chart released on Monday listed Rudolph at number two before correcting it shortly before Tomlin spoke on Tuesday. Entering its 16th season, Tomlin laughed at this mistake as a typo.

The cut-and-paste component was the cut-and-paste component,” Tomlin said with a smile. “I know you were hoping for a more colorful explanation, but that’s what it is.”