“Wanted” Wentz predicts the stability of the situation QB . leaders

ASHBURN, Virginia (AP) – On the eve of Carson Wentz’s third training camp with three different teams in as many years, Washington’s new captain Ron Rivera welcomed Washington’s new captain with a handshake and a message that even an NFL veteran might have needed to hear.

“I’ve been wanted here,” Rivera told Wentz.

Philadelphia once wanted to pick the second overall draft before eventually losing to the Eagles and with Indianapolis a year later, Wentz no longer looked like a hot commodity after the Colts collapsed late last season and missed the playoffs.

But Rivera and Washington’s front office targeted the 29-year-old in hopes of solving the organization’s seemingly endless search for a starting QB. The leaders are now the Wentz team, with all the pros and cons that come with job security and belief from coaches to the pressures and expectations of getting through the post-season.

“This position has stabilized for us,” said General Manager Martin Mayhew. “We are excited about what he brings to the table in terms of his physical talent and also what he brings to the table as a person and a leader.”

Wentz has already emerged the leader, from collecting receivers for special exercises to escape room outings that he treats like a play situation. The physical talent that got him so much attention from North Dakota is still there, although some mistakes he made with Philadelphia and Indianapolis left him available.