We are back to grinding here at LHH

It’s been a long time since you, readers and commentators, and the last time we, LHH, spoke. We needed to recharge our batteries before the new season started.

But Labor Day has come and gone, and the holidays are over. The days are getting shorter. The temperature has cooled down a little. My friends celebrated consecutive early September birthdays.

Now that hockey is back on its normal schedule, these annual events once again can serve as fuel to get me excited about the upcoming event New York Islanders season.

Having said that, compared to the past few years, my enthusiasm for the upcoming campaign has been, as we say, muted. That also seems to be the general sentiment of the fan base, and it makes sense: Aside from Alex Romanov’s Zdino Chara and Andy Green, they’re likely to ice the same crew that missed the playoffs by 16 points. A lot of things that could have gone wrong happened last season, but maybe not 16 points. The team that constantly struggled to score didn’t make any upgrades to its front group. She fired a Hall-of-Fame coach who was to act as a safety cover for not having a change on the ice.

But this core, in the past, was driven by everyone else. And as you’ll see below, this is starting to happen again. So there is reason for optimism. Perhaps Lynn Lambert can guide his longtime mentor and boss and tap into the nerve that Barry Trotz has found.

By the way, I apologize if I already wrote something like this. All we can do to get the season started – unless the islanders magically drop more news – is to finish what’s to come. Even this is difficult, because they are the inhabitants of the island. As such, there is no information on when the junior training camps on the islands will open. All we know is that their first pre-season game is September 26th, so sometime in the previous weekend is supposed to be when the veterans present.

islanders bit

  • Kevin Kurtz writes that, like Vegas sportsbooks, the islanders are seen as a bubble team. Lots of riding on seasoned forwards (two of whom likely had off-ice things on their minds last season) and young defensive backs. [The Athletic]
  • The islanders will play 11 matches on national television, although only six are broadcast. It’s probably Josh Bailey’s 1000th match, no. 7 in the season against Rangers, he will be on TNT. It’s also part of ESPN’s New Year’s Day plans. [NHL]
  • NYI Hockey has now spoken to an Islanders ticket representative About 50th Anniversary plans, transportation and parking, ticket plans and price increases. The actor claimed that rumors about the team struggling to retain season ticket holders are untrue and that renewals were too high.
  • Stan Fischler tells us the origin story of Billy Smith, from Perth, Ontario to Uniondale, New York. [Maven’s Memories]
  • While we’re at it, here’s Stan’s profile on Toy Tiger, original Islander Garry Howatt. [Maven’s Memories]

in another place

  • The lottery ended in a surprising way: instead of trading it as it seemed, the Vancouver Canucks GT Miller was awarded a seven-year deal worth $56 million that he sought. [NHL]
  • The Dallas stars He went off the season with two notable RFAs to sign: Jake Oettinger and Jason Robertson. The future goalkeeper signed a bridge deal, but Robertson remained unsigned. [Defending Big D | NHL]
  • The Ottawa Senators Tim Stutzel was imprisoned for another nine years, giving him an eight-year extension of $66.8 million beginning in 2023. [NHL]
  • Tyg Thompson, son of Beagle coach Brent Thompson, has received a seven-year, $50 million extension from Buffalo Saber. He scored 38 goals in 78 games last season, but in his previous 145 games, he had 18 goals to show in his career. If he keeps doing it, the deal could be a bargain. But that’s a huge gamble on a man who has more than tripled his goalscoring count in one big season. [NHL]
  • Kirby Dutch, part of the triangular trade that Romanoff landed on Long Island, signed a four-year contract with his new team, Montreal Canadiens. [NHL]
  • Eric Branstrom, chosen by the choice that the islanders gave to Vegas Golden Nights About the expansion project, she signed a low-money deal with the Ottawa Senators. [NHL]
  • The NHL, Players Association and IIHF met in Paris to discuss the Hockey World Cup in February 2024. That is their goal, but nothing has been finalized yet. [IIHF]
  • It’s fair to say that Kyle Dupas is on the hot seat, and he’d probably be canned if he was Toronto Maple Leafs Don’t get out of the first floor. Matt Murray, Dubas’ goalkeeper foolishly betting on his career, joins Dubas on the hot seat. [THN]
  • In a vote among rhythm writers in the Metro section of The Athletic, the consensus believed the islanders would rank sixth in the section, even though they were close to Columbus in fifth; In fact, they might have dropped to rank six because one of those geniuses (not Kurtz, obviously) actually believed it Flyers He’ll collect a better season than the islanders’ season and come in seventh, putting the islands in the basement. Sometimes I wonder why I pay money for this site. [The Athletic]
  • A future resident of the island, Nazim Qadri, has made a donation of $1 million to the Health Sciences Center in London (Ontario, his hometown).