Weird No-Hitter, Mervis Hits 30, Player of the Month, Honors, Paul, Amaya, Davis, Canario, Devers, Killian, and more

Where do you start this. There are many great options for the first reference in these notes, but I think I’d choose the odd and interesting option, even if it wasn’t particularly meaningful.

  • Sprint log, if you’re curious, on a stolen Jordan Nwogu pedestal (after hitting an outfield force), then a foul on the shooter trying to capture in a second. In fact, SB Cubs had seven walks in the game.
  • One of the actual major accomplishments yesterday was Matt Murvis in the 30th race of the season:
  • Mervis joins Alexander Canario with 30 per season, something the Cubs haven’t accomplished by any mansion player since Chris Bryant.
  • And a bit of related news, Murphys won Player of the Month for August, and Walker Powell joined him on the courtside:
  • Well en route to victory in September, too, Murvis finished off the Cubs System Player of the Year, beating impressive years from Canario and Pete Crow-Armstrong, among others.
  • As for Walker Powell, I’d love for the 2021 undesigned signing to have that kind of honor to dominate Double-A. Think about this climb. Even if he doesn’t make it to the major tournaments, that’s pretty amazing. But can he reach the major tournaments? Well, on the one hand, he’s already 26 and – as far as I’ve heard – he doesn’t impress the Scouts (although we probably get revised reports in the off-season). On the other hand, he climbed to Double-A in his first professional season, posting 1.96 ERAs there (3.36 FIP) with a 23.5% K average and 8.0% BB average, as well as a 50.5% ballpark average (versus only a 13.7% streak drive). He’s clearly doing a lot right in a heavy-duty league. I think he’ll get a chance at Triple-A sometime next year, and if he continues to succeed—even if the scouts don’t like him—it will likely be on the radar as one of his many depth start options. At some point, you just have to let the performance speak, and see what.
  • Powell’s teammate Miguel Amaya (future battery mate?) tore a house three-stroke, and it sounded like the kind of easy force you’d really want to see from him as his next step:
  • Amaya has only two weeks to go to the Southern League Championship, as his results are starting to emerge. He will then head to the Arizona Fall League, where he is expected to make his first game in over a year. If he checks that box successfully – and has great success in the process – you’ll see it in Triple-A next year as Cubs’ third capture option (called when necessary (it’s already in 40 men), but mostly evolving in Iowa). I feel like it’s been around forever, I understand, but Amaya isn’t just 23 this year.
  • Back in honor of this month’s pitcher Powell: shouts to Lewis Devers, who could have caught it himself because he was as good as Powell, but he also booked his month with a particularly dominant start at the end of July and at the same time. The beginning of September, so it felt like he had six amazing starts in August, but they were actually, technically, only four very good. Hey, though, Devers won the May titles, so at least he has one in the bag, having just lost in June (Daniel Palencia) and July (Luke Little). A good bet he’ll win the Jar of the Year award.
  • Brennen Davis showing off his right field arm:
  • Watching this a few times, I’m not quite sure why the catcher advanced so far from the first base line, because I think the throw was on target more than that? Anyway, that was a good solid throw, with plenty to spare from the right field. Davis is a “midfielder” at the moment, but in a best-case scenario where he and Pete Crowe-Armstrong appear as regulars on the field in the coming years, the right field is probably where Davis fits in, with PCA in the center.
  • …unless Alexandre Canario regularly explodes, because if so, he would be the right player. Dude has a great collection and arm cannon. Incidentally, Canario did not play this weekend after leaving Friday’s game early with the coach. All we know at this point is that he missed a few matches, but has yet to be placed in IL.
  • The bowler there was Caleb Killian, and this play is part of how he ended up throwing five goals without. The streak doesn’t look great (five strokes, three walks, unearned running, and only three strokes), but the lanes were of competitive variety, and it wasn’t really in much of a danger at a picnic except for that play in the plate. I guess if I wasn’t too willing to worry about every role for him right now, I would probably simply say this was a good start.
  • All in all, you’d love to see Killian finish the year at Iowa strong, then work off the season to become a man who contributes next year to the big league team (instant start, and/or relief/multiple-role transition). His thoughts and hopes have proven themselves as a sure start to the fire Before Next season should be set aside entirely after he struggled to pair his newfound “things” with this year’s old “order”. Now you’re just hoping that next year will be that year where he gets his big foot in the league under him, and then you think “Hey, maybe it’s Keegan Thompson or another Justin Steele!” We are heading towards 2024. We know that the uptrend is in spades.