White Sox capitalizes on Mariners mistakes in 9-6 . win

Seattle (AP) – Eloy Jiménez led three rounds with Homer and a double, Chicago capitalized on three fouls, and the White Sox beat the Seattle Mariners 9-6 on Wednesday.

The White Sox took two of three in the series and stayed behind in Cleveland and Minnesota in the packed AL Central race.

It looked early on that it would be a losing streak for the White Sox as Seattle’s Luis Castillo tied a MLS record by making the first seven players to start the game.

But Castillo made the mistake of dumping Jimenez in two away games in the fourth inning, and watched a four-game Chicago Rally in the sixth that started with a field foul by third base officer Eugenio Suarez.

Seattle was awarded a pair of home races by Suarez for hitting the 1000 and 1001 numbers of his career. Homer II drove on the seventh and pulled Seattle up on the sixth.

But the White Sox exploited another defensive error in the eighth. Jiménez singled out, disc runner Leury García stole second and moved to third in a foul by catcher Curt Casali.