Why Seahawks fans should tease Russell Wilson on Monday night

RENTON – Pete Carroll is usually very reliable when it comes to supporting his former players. It doesn’t matter if Someone turned him off in the middle of the game (Earl Thomas) Or approach it openly To sign a play pass at the 1 yard line (Richard Sherman).

It’s the teacher you always turn to for a college recommendation letter—the old boss you put at the top of your reference list. That’s why the Seahawks coach responded to How fans should receive Russell Wilson On his return Monday night to Lumen Field he jumped during Thursday’s press conference.

Remember, two days before that, Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett responded to a similar query by praising what Wilson had done in Seattle as a quarterback and philanthropist. The implication was that a warm welcome should have awaited the Broncos QB’s fresh start at the teams season opener.

However, Carroll did not refer to such an implication. In fact, he hinted at the opposite.

“It’s either you’re a contender or you’re not….It’s match time, and we keep doing it, but [fans] “Take it,” Carroll said, “and I’ll follow them into it.” “I will leave it until 12 seconds. I think they will know exactly what to do.”

There are two ways to explain it: 1. Carroll harbors some animosity toward Wilson after a heated divorce, as Russell worked his way out of Seattle despite being left several years into his contract. 2. Carol may still think fondly of Wilson – who just signed An extension of $245 million for five years With Denver – but he’s not about to give him any kind of field advantage.

I think it’s a combination of the two, but I’m leaning towards the second. And it’s this interpretation that changes my view of whether fans should boo him when Wilson’s photo is released on Lumen Field’s big screen.

No doubt, third place has been among the number one sports attractions in Seattle for the better part of a decade. An unrivaled connection to the signal, Wilson’s deep and dribbling ball were at the top level of the NFL, and his mastery of area-reading offense helped propel the Seahawks to their only Super Bowl title. He was also a weekly attendance at Seattle Children’s Hospital, In addition to countless other charitable effortswas a multi-million dollar beneficiary of the “Why Not You Academy” Seattle Charter School.

Regardless of your feelings about Wilson’s departure or Pauliana’s general behavior, it’s hard to argue that Seattle isn’t any better because of his presence. So I initially thought, “If I were 12, of course I would cheer him up.”

Now I don’t. More on why in seconds, but not before a word from former Seahawks player KJ Wright.

Wright played alongside Wilson for nine seasons. He won two NFC Championships with him and a Super Bowl to boot. He understands the value Russell brought to Emerald City – but he also understands the views of upset fans.

“I think fans have this narrative in their heads that Russell wanted to leave Seattle. We know fans are loyal to the Seahawks brand, and if anyone gets past that, they’d be totally pissed off,” said Wright, who is anticipating the Wilson Birds on Monday. Where do the 100% fans come from. But also, as a former player I can see where Russell is coming from.”

Well, how would you feel if you came back after all the good intentions you built and got booed?

“That would bite,” Wright said. “However, if I could have another Super Bowl in Denver and I could get another big hold, it would make life sweeter, and I would sleep well into the night.”

And I imagine that’s what fans are thinking about Ross right now. There is sports hatred, and then there is real hatred. 12s no In fact They hate Russell Wilson, but he has done enough recently to justify their sports hatred.

It’s not like the return of Ken Griffey Jr., who was cheered by Mariners fans when he first set foot in T-Mobile Park in a Reds outfit. Griffey’s popularity and efficiency may have saved M’s from relocating in the ’90s, and he left to play for his father’s old team in the town where he grew up.

In addition, baseball players get nine times as much in the hitter box as their teammates. The quarterback controls attack every second he is on the field. So, if the twelve are interested in winning – they should boo Wilson and make him feel as uncomfortable as possible. They should turn the field into Bo Maine each time Wilson steps between the lines.

Remember when LeBron James returned to Cleveland for the first time after leaving for Miami? Jilted Cavs fans summoned every ounce of strength from their throats to taunt him into oblivion. It was unlike anything a King had ever experienced. And while the Cavs were a huge underdog, just like the Seahawks, they scored a victory against an visibly shaken James.

Oh, wait – LeBron scored 38 goals over the first three quarters, and the Heat won 28.

You may not be joking very Difficult.