Why the dark cloud? Is rebuilding penguins inevitable?

There is a black cloud hanging over the Penguins of Pittsburgh. The overseas re-contracts of powerful superhero players were not met with the relief and exhilaration that other fan bases might have experienced. To some extent, the entirety of the engagements was met with dismay and disappointment by the Penguins’ fanbase. Rebuilding has not started. The destruction of the penguin breed by ripping off the penguin breed became fortified through new contracts with Chris Letang, Evgeny Malkin, Brian Rost, and even Rickard Raquel.

As candles on the aging cake, the penguins’ big commercial acquisition was 34-year-old defenseman Jeff Petrie.

Instead of seeing the sun, many decided it was over. he did. Very Old. He brought out the black dresses, the tears, the flowers, the wonderful stories of what was. And send buckets of chicken if you can’t stay there to wake up.

Kind of a pessimistic view, given that the group also includes Sidney CrosbyVerse?

The same improved Blue Line should provide penguins with a renewed sense of possibility. Penguins Chief of Hockey Operations Brian Burke Already thought so.

“I think we’re a better team,” Burke said. “Right now, we’re just waiting for camp to start,” Burke told teammate Dave Molinari in comments posted on Monday.

It would be wrong to assume that rebuilding means the Stanley Cup in the near future. I may have gone off topic. The Pittsburgh Penguins have captured the best players available to them this season, and have done so primarily for less than market value, and are one of the few teams with a legitimate shot to win the Eastern Conference.

However, there is still a constant fear of the future, seemingly outweighing any optimism for the near future.

But is rebuilding really necessary?

Pittsburgh penguins rebuilding?

Conventional wisdom says yes, sure. Wisdom also assumes that it is not possible for a team to remain competitive during the transition period, high draft picks are necessary, and the only way to obtain them is to trade star players or lose. I usually lose some more.

Want to know a secret?

There is only one window. One Chance Penguins and GM Ron Hextal can avoid the R-word and slip from the Crosby-Malkin-Letang era to the next without tormenting games loss by scores, playing before empty arenas and low TV ratings.

Penguins may become very lucky for the third time.

They beat the New Jersey Devils in 1983 to get Mario Lemio.

After that magic ran out a second time, the next phenomenon, Sidney Crosby, arrived after the Penguins won the full league lottery.

There may be a third chance. No, that wouldn’t be a tank for Conor Bedard or even the player he follows in the 2024 NHL Draft. No, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have a great opportunity because of COVID.

The great affliction on Earth, which shut down the world, including the NHL, will give the penguins one chance to re-equip on the fly.

Penguins salary cap

According to Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, the salary cap will rise after 2023-24. In two years, the penguins will be full of money. If Hextall plays his cards right, he may be able to spend more than his rivals and trap the biggest names in the market.

To do this, Hextall would need to discontinue expensive long-term contracts. He needs Ray Shero Special and short-term patched deals next summer to have maximum flexibility should a big-time position hit the market. Perhaps a defensive man on top of a boulder. Or multiple variations of those positions that can support the team.

In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to achieve success with just a few possibilities. 2021 first round Owen Pickering It was a good start. Perhaps some prospects, including Valtteri Puustinen, Lukas Svejkovsky, Joel Blomqvist or Sam Poulin, will give Penguins additional low-cost options, so they can save their pennies and cash in on UFAs.

That’s why Hextall wisely pulled out of Jason Zucker’s trade as it would have included the Penguins’ pick in the first round as well.

Few low-cost leads-turned-producers will cut years off from “rebuilding” if they don’t help avoid it altogether.

It’s the Holy Grail for GMs: going from success to success without losing streaks in between. Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings Before them all tried and failed. The penguins have already been handed a couple Holy Grail with Lemieux and Crosby. Maybe, just maybe, Hextall could reach the third.