Yankees plan ‘exceptionally competitive’ show for Aaron Judge

defense star Aaron JudgeLooming free agency is a hot issue for New York Yankees.

The 30-year-old judge and free agent after that season, rejected a seven-year, $213.5 million contract from the Yankees on opening day. The two sides still have to find common ground while the judge is in the midst An MVP season of historic caliber.

The All-Star player tallied a file MLB-Better 55 runs the house and 118 RBIs while owning a .301/.407/.683 hit line and 205 OPS +. He’s also made a huge time split between center and right field. All of this is supposed to drive up the price of the unofficial judge’s request.

Yankees’ Aaron Judge maintains historic pace

Ben Verlander dives into Aaron Judge’s MVP season as he attempts to break the franchise’s home run record.

In an appearance on “The Show” podcast, Yankees head Randy Levine said The franchise loves Judge and there is value in his commitment to high-profile franchise.

“We love Aaron Judge,” Levine said. “We think Aaron Judge is an all-time Yankee player. We think he’s a great player, beyond being a great player. We think he’s a great guy. That’s why we gave him our best player contract. [based on average annual salary] In the history of the Yankees. I like him because he went out and took this on his shoulders, and we’re going to sit down with him and hopefully find out. I think there is no doubt that we will want him again.

“There’s no doubt we appreciate him, and ultimately he’s a Yankee, and as with all free agents, being a Yankee is really important. It brings a lot that other sites probably don’t. Now we’re talking about a house hunt with Babe Ruth and Roger Maris” .

Giancarlo Stanton (13 years, $325 million), Gerrit Cole (nine years, $324 million) and Alex Rodriguez (10 years, $275 million) represent the biggest contracts in team history, despite Stanton signing an extension with Miami Marlins before it was acquired by New York in 2017.

The Yankees are 83-54, good first in the Middle East and second in the AL as a whole. Across six full MLB seasons (2017-22), a judge averages 34.8 home runs and 79 RBIs per season—there were just 60 games in 2020—and a .284/.394/.587 batting streak .

Levin stressed that the whole situation between Judge and Yankee is “negotiations.”

“No problem about, do we want Aaron Judge back?” Levin said. “There is not a problem [with] “How much do we appreciate it?” It’s negotiations. What we will talk about with him and his representatives abroad is “How do we preserve it?” And then he’ll have to see, does he want to stay here [or] Does he want to go somewhere else? Is anyone offering him a better deal? I think we’ll be extraordinarily competitive.”

Regarding the first-class players market, Mike Trout (12 years old, deal worth $426.5 million), Mocky Pets (12 years old, $365 million deal) and Bryce Harper (13-year deal, $330 million) Over $300 million in contracts have been signed over the past four years.

Levine reiterated that the Yankees valued the judge.

“We know its value,” Levine said. “We know what it’s about, but tango takes two people.”

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