Yankees to put Anthony Rizzo on Elle, choose Ronald Guzman

It’s raining today for the Yankees but they’re going to put the first man on the base Anthony Rizzo On the list of injured for 10 days before tomorrow’s double head, every Lindsey Adler from The Athletictransfer a word from the director Aaron Bon. fellow first man base Ronald Guzman His contract will be selected in a similar move. ESPN’s Marley Rivera Note for the first time that Guzmán was in the Yankee Club. Guzmán is not currently on the 40-man list, which means that a similar move of some sort is needed to open a place for him there.

The 27-year-old has spent his entire career with Rangers until this year. From 2018 to 2021, he made 243 appearances, recording 31 times on home soil in that time, but he was coming out a lot and producing a poor hitting average. He’s made 28.8% of his career appearances to date, well above this year’s MLB average of 22.3%. His overall batting streak is .227/.304/.414, a production that was 16% below the league average, as evidenced by his WRC+ of 84. He was fired by Rangers at the end of last season and an elected free agency. .

In March, the Yankees brought Guzmán aboard in a small league deal, and sent him to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. In 90 games there this year, Guzmán is still out 27.6% of the time, but he also made 11.8% of his board appearances and added 12 long balls. Altogether, he cuts .260/.357/.466 for a WRC+ of 119. He’ll try to bring some of those improved hits to the majors, with the left-handed bat making it a good fit for the short porch on the right on the field.

The reason the Yankees chose to bring in Guzmán is due to the situation surrounding their first primary leader, Rizzo. He’s dealt with back problems for most of the season, and he hasn’t played for a week after his submission epidural Thursday. While it is hoped that this will bring more relief to Rizzo in the long term, it does deal with some short term side effects. Yesterday, Director Aaron Boone said Andy Martino from SNY Yesterday Rizzo was having some headaches after an epidural. In a video shared by SNY on TwitterBoone says the headaches now prevent Rizzo from playing more than a back problem.

Rizzo has been having a strong season overall but has waned recently, with a creepy back injury likely playing a role. Until the end of July, it was hitting .228/.348/.504 but had only hit .208/.299/.442 since the calendar flipped to August. Signed to a two-year deal worth $32 million off-season, Rizzo can opt out last year and $16 million this winter and return to the free agency if he so desires. With Rizzo out of action over the past week, DJ Limaheu Saw most of the time in the beginning. However, LeMahieu needs to spend time with himself Adler Transfer the word from Boone that the player deals with the problem of the toe. The club is hoping Guzmán will step in and help make up for Rizzo and LeMahieu’s troubled absences. The Middle East Yanks lead by 15 1/2 games earlier this year, and are now only 5 and 5 1/2 games ahead over Rays and Blue Jays, respectively.

If Rizzo returns to health in a few days, Guzmán cannot easily be sent back to the palace because he has no options. Since the trade deadline has passed, if the club wanted to remove him from the active list, they would have to name him for appointment and then put him in concessions. However, if he plays well enough to hold onto the position of his roster, he can be retained for future seasons by refereeing.